Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

A new way of world logistics

Organizing and operating on-time and safe transport of goods requires a professional and reliable shipping partner. Premiere Logistics, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a specialist shipment company which handles import and export services between Asia and Europe from its European office Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V. The company scores with personal customer care and individual solutions.

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amplus AG

A plus for the internet

The world wide web has continued its ascent in popularity and is considered a must in all spheres of life. It allows businesses to attract custom and new ventures to source financing. Research calls on the input of thousands of online participants. More, accessible information calls for faster and stronger internet connections, and amplus AG is up to that challenge. Nothing less than the cutting edge is good enough for the tech company.


Mechanical Engineering & Electronics

SCHMID Vacuum Technology GmbH

Nature abhors a vacuum, but modern technology depends on it

When it comes to vacuums, most people do not think any further than the dust in their living rooms. Yet vacuum technology goes far beyond that. Modern touch screens, for example, depend on vacuum technology to work, and the specialist applications do not end there. In 2010, the SCHMID Group, a family-run company with 150 years of experience in inventing solutions for dynamic industries, established the subsidiary SCHMID Vacuum Technology GmbH to exploit the myriad possibilities presented by vacuums in advanced applications. Just two years later, the fledgling company chalked up orders worth 23 million EUR – not bad going for a relative newcomer to the industry.


Energy & Environmental Engineering

Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V.

Gears on the go

Gears have a long history – probably as long as civilization itself. And yet today, the importance of gears in manufacturing industries is not declining, but growing. Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V., headquartered in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is one of the leading providers of gears for all kinds of different applications.


Materials & Materials Processing

Goglio S.p.A.

Wrapped up in packaging innovations

Quality, innovation and customer service: Goglio S.p.A. has been a leading manufacturer of complete packaging systems for over 160 years, with ten manufacturing plants and seven sales offices in Europe, America and Asia. Throughout its history, the Italian company has been the proud creator of innovations that even today are nothing less than revolutionary.



Interview with Matthias Krage, President of the DSLV

Shape the future – strengthen infrastructure

As a side effect of globalization, the transport and logistics sector has for years found itself battling growing international competition. In Germany, delays to planned investment projects in transport infrastructure and the upcoming implementation of new legal requirements are both heating up the mood in the market. Road tolls for private vehicles and the minimum wage are just two issues that can be mentioned. European Business Journal spoke to Matthias Krage, President of the DSLV, Deutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband (German Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics Specialists), about Germany’s position as a logistics location in comparison with international competitors and against the background of current political developments.



Interview with Wim Souverijns, CEO of Celgene AB

Obsessed with patients

Some drugs have changed the world for good. The impact of drug research and clinical trials on improving people’s lives is profound, and it takes biopharmaceutical companies that dare to invest in medicine for all kinds of diseases. Since 1986, Celgene has cared for people with life-threatening and debilitating diseases and has focused on life-changing drugs. CEO Wim Souverijns, head of Celgene AB, stresses that Celgene challenges the status quo and aims to deliver new and better drugs every day anew.



Interview with Managing Director Tobias Vorbach, Käthe Kruse

Children for children

They are known world-wide – dolls made and marketed by Käthe Kruse. The traditional German doll manufacturer is a synonym for German premium handcraftsmanship. This year, the company is celebrating its 130th anniversary. In February, Käthe Kruse was acquired by Hape, an internationally leading producer and supplier of wooden toys. Now, Managing Director Tobias Vorbach is working on the integration of both brands in order to generate important synergies. He talked to European Business Journal about the reasons for the acquisition and the future plans of the group.


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Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

5th anniversary of PREMIERE LOGISTICS in this industry

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Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

Opening of new Premiere office in Vietnam

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