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AiM Services SA

Rue du Lièvre 2-4 1227 Les Acacias (GE) Switzerland
+41 22 309 05 05

AiM Services SA

Interview with Thierry Papilloud, CEO of AiM Services SA

AiM Services SA

What have been the greatest milestones until today?

Thierry Papilloud: This year, AiM is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding; for the past decade, we have led numerous projects that we are extremely proud of and that have marked the company’s history. If I had to pick one, I'd tell you about a fixed-price project we recently realized within a large private bank in Geneva and in many foreign subsidiaries. AiM has developed an application whose purpose is to provide new and innovative services allowing the optimization of taxation for its clients. This major project has been reanalyzed in our development platform (FINMA compliant environment). Thanks to the quality of services we delivered, plus the fact that we embraced our client’s values - integrity, compliance & privacy – enabled us to strengthen our collaborative relationship with the Bank; thus, we diversified our services among the different departments of the Bank, and we started a mobility project - EMM – within the infrastructure department. Upon this skill, AiM is a Professional Partner of AirWatch, leader in enterprise mobility management, allowing us to deliver to our customers optimal quality support on all the editor’s solutions.

What products make up your core business?

Thierry Papilloud: We have four main service categories within our portfolio:

Finally, AiM is also a software publisher in the field of CAD and 2D 3D. In fact, we develop the Tell and TellWATCH software, a 100% Swiss-made CAD solution which offers advanced functionalities in the management of large sets of 3D pieces and functionalities unique in the watchmaking professions for the design and functional analysis of watch movements. Starting from its own software, AiM also provides applications using 3D animations, holographic projection, Leap Motion (non-contact handling).

What distinguishes your products from those of the competition? What are the unique selling points/special features or characteristics?

Thierry Papilloud: As a Swiss IT services company, AiM is characterized by the service quality it delivers, the close relationship with its customers, its compliance as well as its confidentiality. AiM has also a long-lasting quality approach materialized by FINMA and ISO 9001 certifications. In addition, we allocate a large R&D budget, and we rely on innovation to differentiate ourselves; for example, we are one of the 1,000 people having a Blackphone, the famous and much anticipated ultra-secure smartphone. In addition, our Tell and TellWATCH solutions have existed for over 16 years and are leading software in the CAD field. TellWATCH is the only software allowing the design and analysis of watch movements in 2D and 3D, kinematics, and interoperability with other CAD generic softwares. With our offer CAD & Technological Innovation, we are now able to meet, among others, the new digital information needs of watchmakers.

What problems do you solve for your customers?

Thierry Papilloud: We provide our customers with the best service at the right time. Thanks to all of our projects, we are able to provide feedback to our customers.

Can you characterize what your customers expect from your company and what your customers focus on (service, pricing, innovations, product quality)?

Thierry Papilloud: Our expertise, the quality of services we deliver, the close relationship, our efficiency and responsiveness are important to our customers. Our strategy focused on innovation and our ISO 9001 and FINMA certifications also reinforce the confidence they have in us.

What makes your company a success (recipe for success)? What are your strengths?

Thierry Papilloud: Employees are the value of a company; a company is nothing without its partners. Our business area is constantly evolving. We chose to work with a network of partners to help us deliver to our customers, effective and reliable solutions. On the other hand, our human-sized company allows us to be reactive, while having the ability to lead large projects internationally. We maintain a close relationship with our customers, while guaranteeing the same level of service quality within their international subsidiaries.

Where do you see your company in the next three years? What wishes or visions do you connect with this? What goals do you have?

Thierry Papilloud: Within three years, we would like to strengthen our position in Switzerland and become a leader in the mobility sector. We are also looking to make acquisitions in the CAD field. We will also pursue our journey on the path of innovation by continuing to develop and add functionalities to TellWATCH, our CAD software, and go deeper into the 3D & Leap Motion world.

In your opinion, what was the biggest change in your industry in the last ten years? How did you react to it? How did you take advantage of it? How did it affect your company?

Thierry Papilloud: For the past decade, globalization has led to the arrival of large foreign players in our market, which we faced within several calls for tenders. We relied on our values, reactivity, proximity, innovation, Swiss-made quality, and ISO 9001 and FINMA certifications to differentiate ourselves. It still had an impact: the pressure on prices.

What have been the most important steps in your career?

Thierry Papilloud: AiM’s founding of course … and becoming my own boss.

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