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ALBIS Leasing AG

Ifflandstrasse 4 22087 Hamburg Germany
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ALBIS Leasing AG

CFO Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd Dähling

ALBIS Leasing AG

Facilitating financial freedom

Leasing is a well-established financing alternative which allows the lessee to use a car, a computer or any other lease object against payment of a fee. It is particularly popular with small and medium-sized businesses as it gives them more financial freedom, given that the equipment is procured and financed by the lessor. One of the leading German leasing companies focused on the small and medium-sized firm sector is ALBIS Leasing AG. The group offers customised leasing solutions for everything from single trucks to complete workshop installations that are especially competitive – thanks to its own bank that covers all refinancing requirements.

ALBIS Leasing is an independent leasing company specialised in leasing services for small and mediumsized enterprises. “We have made it our business to provide small and medium-sized firms in Germany with more financial flexibility,” CFO Dipl.-Kfm. Bernd Dähling explains the company’s mission.

ALBIS Leasing is a quoted holding that includes ten operational companies: ALBIS HiTec Leasing AG (small-volume leasing solutions from 500 EUR), ALBIS Fullservice Leasing GmbH (full-service leasing solutions with a focus on printing and copying equipment), ALBIS AutoLeasing (commercial car leasing), UTA Leasing GmbH (commercial truck leasing), ALBIS Versicherungsdienst GmbH (car and truck insurance), NL Mobil Lease GmbH (capital goods leasing), ALBIS Capital AG & Co. KG (refinancing of medium-sized leasing companies), EuroKaution Service EKS GmbH (rent deposit financing), Gallinat-Bank AG (banking services with a focus on leasing solutions) and Gallinat-Leasing GmbH (tailor-made financing and leasing concepts).

With this broad portfolio, ALBIS Leasing covers everything from leasing services and motor insurance to banking services and refinancing solutions. “It enables us to offer our customers a carefree, all-inclusive package,” Mr. Dähling describes the competitive advantage of ALBIS Leasing, which equips the company with a unique position in the German leasing sector. Especially the company’s share in the Gallinat Bank, which refinances the group’s leasing activities, allows ALBIS Leasing to offer its customers highly competitive terms.

ALBIS Leasing was founded by Hans O. Mahn, its current CEO, in 1986. Today, the company group employs a total of 292 people and offers customised leasing solutions for twelve product segments: commercial vehicles, cars, information technology, restaurant and canteen equipment, workshop installations, medical technology, sports and leisure equipment, measuring technology, photo and media technology, crafts machinery, and forestry, park and garden technology.

“Our main activity is commercial vehicle leasing,” states Mr. Dähling. “Our current portfolio in this segment includes more than 12,000 trucks.” Another major market is information technology where ALBIS Leasing provides firms all over Germany with the latest IT equipment, including everything from desktop PCs and notebooks to laser printers and digital cameras.

“We are constantly expanding our services spectrum to offer our customers an even wider choice and meet all of their leasing requirements from a single source,” says Mr. Dähling. This strategy also includes diversification targeted at extending the value chain in the leasing market and generating extra sales, such as in banking or insurance.

ALBIS Leasing has used the financial crisis to reorganise and strengthen the group’s competitive position. In 2009, all back office activities, including IT services, were centralised and integrated into one single service company, ALBIS Service GmbH. In 2010, all sales activities were united under the roof of ALBIS Finance AG, and individual sales companies were realigned or merged in order to avoid a clash in services.

The most significant change, however, was last year’s strategic investment in Gallinat-Bank AG. “The step was aimed at securing a sustainable refinancing basis for the group, both for existing contracts and new business,” explains Mr. Dähling. ALBIS Leasing Group acquired 49% of the bank’s shares in June 2010 and has the right of purchasing the remaining 51%, too.

Gallinat has been integrated into the group and, for the large majority of operational companies, now represents the primary partner for refinancing new deals. “The business volume financed by Gallinat by means of forfeiting added up to 259 million EUR on 31 December 2010,” states Mr. Dähling.

The investment in a bank subjected ALBIS Leasing to the supervision of Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and required it to implement a risk management system – challenges which have been perfectly met by the company.

For securitisation transactions, Gallinat uses the new TruckLease securitisation platform in Luxembourg, which offers access to international capital markets and thus expands the refinancing basis for the entire group.

“Our new organisational structure, with the Gallinat Bank as refinancing guarantor, enables us to compete on a faster and more flexible basis,” says Mr. Dähling. “It also makes all decisionmaking quicker and more transparent. Last but not least, it forms a solid basis for our continued positive development after the crisis.”

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