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AL.EA. Consulting s.r.l.

Via Salvador Allende 7/B-C 42049 Sant’Ilario D’Enza (RE) Italy
+39 0522 472799 +39 0522 472742

AL.EA. Consulting s.r.l.

AL.EA. Consulting s.r.l.

Supplier in China

The Chinese market still offers a lot of potential to save production costs. AL.EA. Consulting s.r.l. with headquarters in Sant’Ilario D’Enza in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia is a preferred European supplier in China that ensures the quality of the products.

“I have almost 30 years of experience in the world of purchasing within China,” says President Luca Accolli, who founded the company in 2005, together with his partner Erminio Arquati. “We know the market and have established a network of hundreds of suppliers and partners in China. Our customers trust us and value our reliability when it comes to the supply of high-quality products and components made in China.”

The company was founded as a purchasing agency on the Chinese market for European companies and has developed into a direct supplier in China which acts as a responsible purchaser of technical components for its customers.

AL.EA. covers 45 different industrial areas, focusing on cast parts made of aluminium.

“We advise our customers and examine the feasibility of the project, the technical development and the optimization of the investment,” explains Mr. Accolli. “Moreover, we ensure the required quality. You could say that we are the eyes and hands for our customers in China.”

The company employs ten people at its headquarters in Sant’Ilario D’Enza and five members of staff at its location in China. In the future, AL.EA. wants to expand its business into other countries in the Far East.

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