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amplus AG

amplus AG

A plus for the internet

The world wide web has continued its ascent in popularity and is considered a must in all spheres of life. It allows businesses to attract custom and new ventures to source financing. Research calls on the input of thousands of online participants. More, accessible information calls for faster and stronger internet connections, and amplus AG is up to that challenge. Nothing less than the cutting edge is good enough for the tech company.

“Fast internet is our job, regardless of the circumstances,” says Founder and Chairman of the Board Christof Englmeier. “Our innovative products can handle whatever comes our way.”

amplus cooperates closely with local authorities to offer solutions tailored to the local conditions, and being more flexible than the competition allows amplus to stay one step ahead. Working in the region of eastern Bavaria, the company is relatively small but does not shy away from giving customers the quality they desire.

Beginning in March, the internet provider plans to raise the bar with higher transmission rates. “Right now, we offer about 200 Mbit/s, but in a few months, we will provide 300 or even 400 Mbit/s,” Mr. Englmeier highlights. “We develop everything ourselves, and we were the first to show what our networks are capable of. There is no limit.”

amplus could even launch products in the gigabit range, but the customers are not ready for these innovations yet. If there is one word to describe amplus, it is ‘innovative.’ There is never a standard price because there are no standard products.

“Clouds are becoming more important,” the Chairman notes. “A home cloud is fairly standard, but we also have an IP-TV cloud. Clouds are much more than just memory space; they can be used for virtual services, as well.”

Based in the Bavarian Forest, amplus knows the hurdle of finding qualified staff. The company feels the effects of the war for talents, but it praises the importance of being “from the region, for the region.”

The internet provider’s reputation is more than positive, and it cooperates with local schools and universities to foster interest from up-and-comers. “Our company’s internal development is high on our priority list,” Mr. Englmeier says. “Last year, our employee satisfaction brought us renown on a state level. This year, we aim to have order books so full that we have to add personnel.”

By 2020 the company wants to have doubled in size. Its network is already substantial with plenty of added value. Mr. Englmeier founded amplus in 2009 at the behest of the local authorities. They had already approached him in the years before with a need for broadband technology. This was not the founder’s first new company, and already at the age of three, he knew that he wanted to establish a company.

2009 was a turbulent time for the economy, but amplus managed to gain a foothold. The following year, the internet provider was already investing in its own copper cables. In 2011 it switched to fiber optics. The route for this year is more fiber to the home.

“We have always been the first in Bavaria to establish the latest technology,” Mr. Englmeier points out. “Often we are the first in all of Germany.” While amplus currently operates only in Bavaria, it is by no means limited in its scope. “We are planning to penetrate our present market further and then look beyond those borders,” the Chairman reveals. “If an opportunity to go abroad presents itself, we will certainly explore it. Responding to the needs of the market is our daily business.”

Mr. Englmeier enjoys his work and strives to improve the region of eastern Bavaria. “I have always had a thing for technology, and I am driven by my staff,” he says. “We never have problems, only challenges.”

Those challenges include offering more services and more internet-related lifestyle products, both of which will require expanding the network. And challenges are there to be overcome.

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