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Astron Informatikai Kft.

Budafoki út 56 1117 Budapest Hungary
+36 1 8155400 +36 1 8155401

Astron Informatikai Kft.

Astron’s office in Budapest, where the company was founded in 1999

Astron Informatikai Kft.

More than information technology

The combination of know-how in information technology and engineering expertise can result in market leadership. Astron Informatikai Kft. is one of the leading software development houses in Hungary, providing software for electrical systems, traffic control systems and mobile communication systems. Focusing on long-term partnerships with large Hungarian companies, including leading names from the gas and electricity sectors, Astron has been able to deploy customized software and engineering solutions to improve its customers’ daily operations.

“We provide individual software development and related professional engineering services,” states Managing Director Dr. Attila Kovács, power systems engineer. For his doctorate, he conducted extensive research in information technology and engineering.

Today, Astron’s clear focus is on electricity and traffic management software development. “We have worked together with Siemens and have based new projects on this mutual partnership,” says Dr. Kovács.

On behalf of Siemens Transportation Systems, Astron took on the complete porting and integration tasks of the new traffic management system of Bangkok Metro Blue Line in Thailand. “This is just one example of our project work,” says Dr. Kovács. “Since then, we have been involved in many national and international projects, completing software development and implementation for Chennai Metro, Mumbai Metro and Delhi Metro in India.”

In China, Astron was involved in train simulation developments in Nanjing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and it has maintained its strategic Siemens supplier position throughout.

“Siemens operates an internal evaluation system with regard to its suppliers. The maximum is 100 points, and we have achieved more than 90 points, which is really excellent,” stresses Dr. Kovács.

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Astron has realized a number of traffic management systems overseas. For instance, it has developed a logistics data warehouse for the local ore mining industry in Australia. Astron generates about 50% of its turnover with international projects. Nevertheless, it is a strong player in the Hungarian IT and engineering market.

“Apart from concentrating on electrical and traffic management systems, we have developed corporate data integration solutions. The Hungarian transmission system operator company Mavir is one of our customers, for which we have created a comprehensive integrated data warehouse,” points out Dr. Kovács. “Likewise, we have implemented solutions for the operation of Hungarian transmission networks and the energy market.”

For the Hungarian gas industry, Astron has set up nominating systems and solutions on capacity management as well as price and contract management systems for EON’s trading activities.

“Our customers appreciate our professional approach to IT and engineering,” points out Dr. Kovács. Astron has proven that it is a truly reliable partner in conducting national and international projects.

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