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Bebusch Hungária Kft.

Handler Kálmán út. 3 2840 Oroszlány Hungary
+36 34 560-402 +36 34 365-093

Bebusch Hungária Kft.

Bebusch Hungária Kft.

Automotive components with added value

The automotive industry was one of the industries that was hit the hardest by the global economic crisis of 2009. Not only the OEMs and the producing companies but also the supplying industry suffered from a near-collapse of the market. Now, the situation is stabilising and the competitors are ready to re-establish their market positions. This is also true for Bebusch Hungária Kft. from Oroszlány in Hungary. The specialist for automotive components and metal-plastic applications is determined to enter new markets and to get back on track.

“We used to enjoy annual growth rates of around 20% until 2008,” says Managing Director Zoltán Fehér. “Then the crisis came. Now, we are positive that we will be able to realise growth figures around 20% this year. In addition to this, we see new potential for us in dust-free technologies. We are close to finishing our all-over modernisation, and we know that we can rely on our staff to get us back on the growth path.”

Bebusch Hungária specialises in switches, components for windscreen wipers and sensors. The company also enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist for metal-plastic applications.

“Our goal is to add extra value to our products,” says the managing director. “Therefore, we will enhance our activities in dust-free technologies. In order to make the technologies more efficient, we will invest in electronic precisions machines.”

Today, tier-1 suppliers, such as Valeo, Continental or ZF Lenk - systeme are key accounts of Bebusch Hungária. The company is also active outside of Hungary and achieves around 18% of its annual turnover through export activities, mainly to China, Mexico and Brazil.

“The crisis taught us that a solid financial and technological background is necessary to be successful in the long run,” says Mr. Fehér. “Of course, we also benefit from the support of our parent company. In addition to this, we are known for our flexibility and our individual service.”

Bebusch Hungária was founded in 1997 as a 100% subsidiary of the German Bebusch GmbH. One year later, the company started to supply its parent, and in 1999 it was able to win several external clients, such as Valeo Hungary.

In 2002, the Bebusch group was taken on by Mohr, and in 2008, it was integrated into the GMTec Holding of KAP Beteiligungs AG.

Bebusch Hungária now operates in the plastic and metal division of GMTec with a staff of 110. Backed up by GMTec and with new plans projects ahead, Mr. Fehér has every reason to look to the future with confidence.

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