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Biogáz Unió Zrt.

Farkasréti út 45. 2040 Budaörs Hungary
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Biogáz Unió Zrt.

The same process that takes place in a cow’s stomach happens in a biogas plant – the anaerobic breakdown of organic matter to produce methane gas.

Biogáz Unió Zrt.

The energy of the future

In the search for alternative sources of energy, biogas looks to be one of the most promising. Through a relatively simple process, unlimited power can be generated from a sustainable and natural resource. In Hungary, the leading installer of biogas power plants is Biogáz Unió Zrt. The company has experienced skyrocketing growth in the five years since its establishment and is targeting even greater expansion in the future.

Biogáz Unió was founded in 2007 by Péter Pongrácz. So far Biogáz Unió has completed seven biogas plants with a combined capacity of 6.1 MW. The demand is strong, and the company already has firm orders for 2013, so until the end of 2013, it will come up to 10.4 MW.

The strengths of the company are its turnkey service and in-depth expertise in a relatively new industry. “We offer full service including feasibility studies, planning, obtaining the planning permission, building the plant and bringing it online. We even help in obtaining financing for the project,” says Marketing Director Katalin Szegedi. “We also operate the plants and provide maintenance services.”

This method offers a lot of benefits: Within only one process, waste can be handled. You also win green energy from the salvaged input materials (animal waste, perished food, garbage), and it is good to the climate too because methane is a very dangerous greenhouse gas, and with the employment of a biogas plant, CH4 does not get into the atmosphere. It is an important aspect particularly in light of the EU targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

Another advantage of the system is that the remaining organic waste can be used as a fertilizer for new crops, making artificial fertilizers redundant. Also, Biogáz Unió is the only Hungarian company trading CO2 for biogas plants. It is also responsible for a number of innovative improvements.

The company is keen on building on its leadership position in Hungary and export its expertise to other countries in the region and even further afield. It is sure it has the answer to the energy crisis in its hands.

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