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Bureau Veritas Italia SpA

Via Miramare, 15 20126 Milan Italy
+39 02 270911 +39 02 2552980

Bureau Veritas Italia SpA

Bureau Veritas Italia SpA

Tried and true

Originally founded in Antwerp in 1828 to provide maritime insurance companies with precise and up-to-date information about the condition of the ships they cover, Bureau Veritas is now a global provider of testing, inspection and certification services for a wide range of industries. The group has more than 59,000 employees in over 1,330 offices in 140 countries around the world. It is represented in the Italian market by Bureau Veritas Italia SpA.

A key strength of Bureau Veritas is its diversified portfolio. “Our historical focus on the maritime sector now accounts for just 8% of our business,” says President Ettore Pollicardo. “The recent expansion of our presence in Italy has also been responsible for astonishing growth. In the last five years, we have enjoyed average growth of 13% per year while turnover leapt by 65% to 64 million EUR in 2012.”

Bureau Veritas is represented in Italy by a network of 18 offices providing customers with the benefit of local contact to a global organization.

“We have the expertise to offer in-depth testing, inspection and certification services in the widest possible range of industries,” insists Mr. Pollicardo. “Our brand is widely known and trusted, and this translates into a leadership position in the market. The market is increasingly influenced by questions of sustainability and the protection of the environment and the individual.”

For Bureau Veritas this means its strategy has shifted to accompanying its clients in all phases of their business – from inspecting the ground on which they plan to build a new factory to testing the products rolling off that factory’s production lines and certifying the factory’s green credentials. “Sustainability is the watchword for the future,” concludes Mr. Pollicardo.

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