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Centrum Pæle A/S

Grønlandsvej 96 7100 Vejle Denmark
+45 75 830111 +45 75 720546

Centrum Pæle A/S

The headquarters of Centrum Pæle are located in Vejle, Denmark.

Centrum Pæle A/S

Right foundations

Manufacturers in any industry know that rising manpower costs need to be compensated with more strategic production processes in order to remain competitive in their market. As a result of extensive research and investment, Centrum Group now boasts Europe’s most efficient precast reinforced concrete pile manufacturing facilities incorporating a number of bespoke automated systems.

“From humble beginnings in 1965 in Denmark, the founders of Centrum Pæle soon realised that manufacturing precast concrete piles was more interesting than just pouring concrete into moulds,” explains Lars Gøttrup Christensen, managing director of Centrum Pæle A/S since 2010.

In 1990, the enterprise was acquired by Danish civil engineering contractor, Per Aarsleff A/S, from that point we began our investment in automated pile production. Through continued development and expansion Centrum Group have been able to rationalise production processes and improve the standard and range of piles on offer.

“The company’s aim has always been to produce good quality piles at a cost-effective price. Today we are probably Europe’s largest and most developed manufacturer of foundation piles,” states the managing director. “Apart from our headquarters in Vejle, Denmark the Centrum Group includes three further production facilities – Gothenburg in Sweden, Kutno in Poland and Newark in England.”

Currently, Centrum Group, employs a highly skilled team of 160 operatives across the four manufacturing locations and is able to offer a wide range of precast reinforced concrete foundation piles in section sizes from 200 mm² to 450 mm² and in lengths of up to 18 m unjointed as standard, however larger sections or special reinforcement criteria can also be produced if required.

“Generally our piles are used in the foundation design for large wind turbines, public or civil buildings, residential developments, bridges and other infrastructure applications. So that we maintain our standards as a group, Centrum places a great deal of emphasis on in-house quality control systems. The whole manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product is documented, meaning that we have full traceability on every pile made,” explains Mr. Christensen.

Centrum Group deliver not only within the country of manufacture; a significant number of precast reinforced concrete piles are also exported further afield to destinations such as Germany and Estonia. Integrating Centrum Piles into a foundation design system means that the client is utilising a product with many benefits:

• Responsibly sourced, quality raw materials

• Quality Piles manufactured under controlled conditions to EN 12794

• Full traceability of products fabricated in ISO 9001 factories

• Fast and efficient on-site installation

• Load bearing capacity test data available for design criteria

• Ease of programming for delivery timetables.

“In terms of marketing, we tend not to be too aggressive, so we exhibit at trade fairs and have our own business development team who deal with day to day sales and promotion. Steady growth ensures that we are able to maintain both a quality product and service,” says Mr. Christensen.

With its focus on customer satisfaction, the company is optimistic about the future. “With the increase in developments on more brownfield sites with geotechnically challenging ground conditions our piles offer a high quality cost-effective solution” summarises Mr. Christensen.

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