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Cima Paper S.p.A.

Via Europa 25/27 23846 Garbagnate Monastero Italy
+39 031 3574822 +39 031 3574827

Cima Paper S.p.A.

Cima Paper has its products in stock and can deliver them to customers on their time frame.

Cima Paper S.p.A.

Pioneers of paper

Let it not be forgotten – paper has not stopped transforming how we do commerce. One company knows the full range of paper’s prowess, Italy-based Cima Paper S.p.A., a premier Italian purveyor of paper, cardboard, recovered paper, raw paper materials and cut large paper rolls. From high quality virgin paper to recycled and reclaimed paper products, Cima Paper knows how to make great paper products and get them to customers when they need them.

Few companies can boast the kind of history in its business as Cima Paper. As far back as 1757, an ancestor of the Cima family, Giuseppe Cima, took management of a paper mill. By the 19th century, the family had created a new paper factory in the district of Bonacina in Lecco.

The Cima family has continued its stewardship of the paper company through to the present, existing today as a company employing 13 people and bringing in 20 million EUR annually. “We know everything there is to know about what makes a great paper product,” says Vittorio Giovanni Cima, CEO of Cima Paper S.p.A.

Headquartered on a 10,000 m2 property in Lombardy’s Garbagnate Monastero, half of which is currently occupied, Cima Paper trades in raw materials for paper mills (waste paper and pulp) and paper rolls (both virgin and recycled fibers).

It also operates a converting plant with rewinders in order to transform large paper rolls into smaller reels or stripes. Its comprehensive product range includes papers for the production of corrugated cardboard, paper tubes, cores, tapes, corners, edge-protectors and shopping bags.

Cima Paper is ISO-certified. Cima Paper has been active in exports for many years and ships more than 20% of its products abroad. The company’s partners value its high level of service, and Cima Paper has been able to lodge continual growth in its export share for several years.

It counts companies located in the Balkans, North Africa, the Middle East and North America among its most important customers.

In the past, Cima Paper has built its business on strong word-of-mouth advertising and through direct contact both at home and abroad. It attends trade fairs as a visitor, including Dusseldorf’s Print and Paper.

“We are important players in our business and people know us by name,” Mr. Cima says. Customers can count on Cima Paper for the supply of high-quality paper products, but the company’s brand also thrives thanks to its fast, prompt service.

Indeed, the company can transform raw materials at customers’ request, or it can deliver raw materials to other paper factories based on their specific needs. “We can deliver customers products directly and immediately because we have all of them in stock,” Mr. Cima says.

Cima Paper is hard at work building its relationships with new customers and expanding its export base, especially in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia and North Africa. With space on its campus to expand its production and centuries of experience backing up its current operations, Cima Paper is sure to pioneer new ways to transform paper.

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