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D+H Mechatronic AG

Georg-Sasse-Strasse 28-32 22949 Ammersbek Germany
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D+H Mechatronic AG

Dirk Dingfelder, chairman of the board

D+H Mechatronic AG

Safe, comfortable and energy-efficient

What do Berlin Central Station, the T-Mobile headquarters in Vienna, the Russian Federation Tower in Moscow, the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and countless other highprofile buildings around the world have in common? They all include innovative smoke and heat exhaust and controlled natural ventilation solutions supplied by D+H Mechatronic AG. Individually customised, the company’s products enhance safety, comfort and energy efficiency in over 100,000 buildings on all continents.

D+H Mechatronic is specialised in building technology for smoke ventilation, fire containment and natural ventilation applications. The company develops, manufactures and sells drives for reliable smoke extraction and controlled natural ventilation, control panels, LSC Lift Smoke Control systems, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems compliant with EN 12101-2, alarms, detectors and operating panels and fire door control solutions.

All the products are made in Germany and are developed to meet specific building requirements. “Individually customised solutions for every property are an important aspect which differentiates us from the competition,” says Dirk Dingfelder, chairman of the board. “Our solutions are unique and the result of constant applied research and product development, the excellent skills of our engineers and technicians, and decades of development and manufacturing experience.”

The origins of D+H Mechatronic go back to Henner Dingfelder and Klaus Hadler, who installed pneumatic and hydraulic smoke exhaust in 1968. In 1974, the company was joined by Helmut Kern, who kicked off the development of further building technology products.

D+H Mechatronic, for instance, was one of the pioneers in automatic smoke and heat ventilation systems driven by an electric motor and was the first manufacturer to offer products certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Today, the technology and market leader is a global player with 30 sales and service partners all over Germany and an additional 100 in numerous other countries.

“Our close-knit international network offers the complete spectrum of services from a single source, from product development and manufacturing to installation and maintenance to guarantee consistently high quality standards around the world,” states Mr. Dingfelder.

To this date, D+H Mechatronic has completed more than 100,000 projects on all continents, including such highprofile assignments as Berlin’s new central railway station, Hamburg International Airport, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City or the Nelson Mandela Stadium in South Africa.

Other unique projects are the motorway ring around Cologne, where D+H Mechatronic installed 400 smoke exhaust flaps in a glass roof in a section of the beltway, and the Air Rail Centre at Frankfurt International Airport, which has been equipped with 60 LSC Lift Smoke Control systems.

Another demanding project D+H Mechatronic was involved was the airport of Dubai, where the company delivered high-performance drives for the airport building’s heavy glass roofs. D+H Mechatronic is continuously developing new solutions. “Our latest product novelty is a solar-powered drive called Ventic-Solar for windows with chain drive, which is ideal for listed buildings,” explains Mr. Dingfelder.

D+H Mechatronic has more than 220 employees and achieved overall sales of 35 million EUR in 2013. Its main customers are architects, property developers, general contractors and builder-owners. The company exhibits at over 50 national and international trade fairs and generates more than 50% of its revenues from international activities.

“Quality technology made in Germany is a decisive competitive advantage, especially in markets across Asia,” says Mr. Dingfelder. D+H Mechatronic plans to further grow its globally leading position by developing new, innovative solutions that enhance safety, comfort and energy efficiency in all types of buildings and developing new foreign markets with significant growth potential.

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