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DCM EMBA Metering & Control NV

M. Geysemansstraat 1 2250 Waarloos Belgium
+32 15 300411 +32 15 314554

DCM EMBA Metering & Control NV

DCM EMBA Metering & Control specializes in metering and control solutions for liquid flows, for example from terminals to tank trucks

DCM EMBA Metering & Control NV

Measure by measure

In many industrial sectors, means of metering and control are an essential part of everyday business. DCM EMBA Metering & Control NV based in Waarloos, Belgium, takes care of suitable equipment. The company is a long-established player in the field of metering and control systems and provides its customers with tailor-made and turnkey solutions for loading and unloading processes of liquid products.

DCM EMBA Metering & Control’s roots date back to the years 1930 and 1932 when DCM was founded in Belgium and EMBA in the Netherlands. The two companies were merged in 2000 and have been active in several markets ever since.

“After Paul Bogaers joined the company in 2002, he took over the business in 2007, and restructured and reorganized its activities,” explains Sven Toelen, managing director of DCM EMBA Metering & Control. “Since 2007, DCM EMBA Metering & Control has been completely privately owned.”

At present, the Belgian enterprise employs more than 50 people at its headquarters in Waarloos, including a sales team of 35 and several engineering experts. DCM EMBA Metering & Control specializes in delivering level and flow measuring products and systems for the storage and shipment of fluids.

“The portfolio consists of safety equipment and flow meters which are automated and integrated into the customer’s key ERP system. As every project is tailor-made and adjusted perfectly to the respective requirements, we are in need of a wide range of suppliers. Still, we are not a manufacturer but represent only high-quality brands in the Benelux market.”

Based on its in-house engineering department, the company develops and provides metering and control solutions for new and existing facilities of various industrial segments. “It is our declared goal and key added value to deliver the best and most reliable solution for any given situation,” says Mr. Toelen. “Also after installation, clients can rely on our 24/7 maintenance and calibration services by means of extremely accurate equipment.”

These widespread products and services are essential for numerous industries. DCM EMBA Metering & Control supplies mainly major and local oil companies, as well as large customers in the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp that handle waste or vegetable oils, additives or other liquids.

Over the years, the company has also established key partnerships with foreign firms, for instance Emerson Rosemount, FMC Technologies, Silea Liquid Transfer, Shand & Jurs, Identic, Schneider Electric and, recently, Faudi Aviation. In terms of marketing, the Belgian enterprise is increasingly focusing on new media channels.

“We are currently redesigning our website and want it to become more interactive,” explains the managing director. “In addition, we take part in industry-specific trade fairs like the StockExpo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and provide customers and interested parties with regular newsletters.”

DCM EMBA Metering & Control explains its success on the domestic and foreign markets with its installed base, broad-based expertise and inhouse knowledge. In this regard, the company is always eager to adapt to new technologies, such as ultrasonic and wireless installations.

“There are several very reliable innovations on the market. We need to keep asking ourselves how we can offer wider solutions and provide extensive solution packages,” summarizes the managing director. “On the other hand, there is a lot of activity in the LNG segment. In the long term, people will always be in need of energy sources that have to be transferred and measured. Therefore, a company like us will always be in demand.”

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