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Unique efficiency

Efficiency is the preeminent factor in designing any technical device. DETHLOFF & LANGE GmbH has developed a windmill which currently offers the highest degree of efficiency worldwide and a unique investment opportunity.

DETHLOFF & LANGE is an owner-managed mechanical engineering firm with a broad portfolio of services ranging from machine building, tool making, precision components and assemblies production, and high-grade steel and sheet metal processing to turning, milling, blanking, cutting, welding, painting, sandblasting, assembling, design engineering and project management.

The company works for major clients in the food production, aviation and aerospace industries as well as for research organizations. The speciality of DETHLOFF & LANGE is the Dela Rotor, a very efficient, robust windmill which is particularly silent.

“The Dela Rotor is a unique type of windmill with the highest degree of efficiency worldwide,” says Managing Partner Rudolf Lange, the company’s technical director. “The Dela Rotor is targeted at users who want to exploit green energy for their own consumption. If too much electricity is generated, it does not have to go to the public grid. Instead, it can be stored in a number of different ways such as a heating element for warm water or a car battery.”

The Dela Rotor is not only the most efficient windmill currently available. It is also the most silently operating. “We are currently looking for investors to further grow our position in the wind energy market,” explains Mr. Lange.

DETHLOFF & LANGE was founded by Carsten Dethloff, Jens Dethloff and Rudolf Lange in 2002. All three are qualified engineers and have many years of experience in mechanical engineering and machine construction. “We are a one-stop source for mechanical engineering requirements that covers everything from design and planning to complete manufacturing and processing solutions,” Mr. Lange describes the philosophy of the company.

One of the main customers of DETHLOFF & LANGE is the booming food industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Later, the company attracted the attention of Airbus in Hamburg. This way, DETHLOFF & LANGE developed into a major supplier of specialized engineering solutions to major food companies as well as aviation and aerospace customers in Germany.

In the past years, the company has completed many demanding engineering jobs, ranging from frame presses for the assembly of photovoltaic modules, special machines for mincing frozen vegetables and fully automated equipment for buffering pizza plates during production to high-grade steel containers for transporting raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry, door trainers for major airlines and test stations for examining fuel injection systems for ship diesel engines.

Based in Neubukow, between the Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Wismar, DETHLOFF & LANGE has a branch office in Dresden which is focused on the fast evolving research sector in the area. The company has 45 employees and attaches a great level of importance to further training and qualifying its own new blood.

“Every year, we have one or two trainees who are offered a fixed contract after completion of their traineeship,” states Mr. Lange. “We also cooperate closely with various technical universities.”

DETHLOFF & LANGE has annual sales of approximately 2.5 million EUR. The company’s core activity is contract manufacturing according to customers’ individual specifications. The second major market for the young, dynamically evolving enterprise is special machine construction for customers in the food, aviation and aerospace industries as well as a number of other client segments.

Yet the most promising activity remains the Dela Rotor which has the potential to open a completely new era for the medium-sized engineering business.

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