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Ditta Salvadori Luigi SPA

via del Piscetto 6-8 50018 Scandicci Italy
+39 055 75441 +39 055 753686

Ditta Salvadori Luigi SPA

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Gauze & Non-Woven Dressings

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Ditta Salvadori Luigi SPA

Business Profile

The company was founded in 1907 by Luigi Salvadori as a wholesaler of sanitary ware. After a restructuring process started in 1994, strategic planning, controlling and sales are now located in Scandicci, Florence, while manufacturing has been decentralized in Sandanski, Bulgaria (Salvamed AD company). Currently, the main customers of Luigi Salvadori S.p.A. are Italian hospitals, healthcare companies, supermarkets, wholesalers and pharmacies. The company is definitely the market leader for specialized advanced and customized dressings. Salvamed AD, which is the offshoot of an earlier production decentralization project launched by Luigi Salvadori in Bulgaria in 1994, is now the most important factory making hospital dressings in Europe. It has highly advanced machinery to manufacture, process and package gauze and non-woven products, along with automated equipment for manufacturing and packing sterile and non-sterile swabs and laparotomy sponges. The factory now offers an ETO sterilization service. Quality is assured by CE marking (December 1997) and CERTITEX Certification ISO9002 and EN 46002 (May 2000).

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