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European Business reports exclusively from boardrooms worldwide and interviews personalities in economics and politics on current topics. It is one of Europe's leading digital business magazines providing comprehensive reports und features about export-oriented companies.

Digital issues

European Food Journal

Special Q4 2014

Warm up this winter with a piping-hot serving of European Food Journal. We’ll take you on a culinary journey through Europe with stops in Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Look for it at the end of November. You won’t believe your Michelin stars.


European Business Journal

Q3 2014

Find out more about a German company specialized in vehicle connectivity, a leading supplier of spheroidal graphite iron casting for automotive applications in Europe as well as a dynamic family enterprise offering a variety of building machines and equipment - everything needed to make a building site work.

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European Business Journal

Q2 2014

Get an insight into the role of on of Europe´s largest transaction processor in the dynamically evolving market of mobile payment, an expert in the field of industrial cleaning and waste management as well as a premier Swiss producer of watchbands, closures and other timepiece parts made of fine and precious metals.

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European Business Journal

Q1 2014

Find out more about a traditional German manufacturer with a passion for specialty glass and a track record of innovations, a consortium of three insurance groups providing insurance coverage tailored to the needs of the aviation and aerospace industry as well as a leading global provider of networking and communication equipment.

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Special Edition

European Food Journal 2013

European Food Journal offers a unique menu of background stories from the food and beverage industry. Learn the latest recipes from TV chefs Johann Lafer and Ralf Zacherl, get to know the most renowned Scandinavian fish farmers and Italian and French vineyards with centuries-old traditions and find out about modern logistics, transport and packaging chains. We add insider information to personality interviews and a sumptuous world of images. Get closer to top companies and opinion leaders of the industry through the eyes of European Food Journal.

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FrieslandCampina Creamy Creation BV

Creamy temptations from the bar

Sweet or sour, fruity, sparkling – Creamy Creation, a subsidiary of world-leading Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina, offers trendy variations of creamy liquors. An expert at combining alcohol and milk, or yoghurt as a less fatty alternative, Creamy Creation is a sought-after partner even among movie stars who aim to launch their own creamy liqueur.

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Halloren Schokoladenfabrik AG

Melt-in-the-mouth luxury

The ‘people’s truffle’ – as one of its chocolate truffles was dubbed under communist rule – helped Halloren to its first success. Founded in Halle in 1804 the company looks back at over 200 years of flourishing history with a new peak thanks to the current trend away from mass-produced goods and towards quality chocolates from the artisan sector.

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Taranko Sp. z o.o.

Tailor-made brand design

Clothes for every occasion! Taranko is a one-stop-shop for lifestyle enthusiasts. The collections are exclusively designed and made of the highest quality material, down to the last Swarovski button. Along with jewellery, bags, scarves and hats, the sophisticated collections, known for their perfect cut, invite you to mix and match your favourite pieces.

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Les Vignobles André Lurton S.A.S.

Diversity and exclusivity

Even in the world-famous region of Bordeaux, which has an outstanding reputation for excellent winemaking, there are distinguished wines which stand out. One of those is Château La Louvière whose reputation goes back to the 17th century.

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Greg Koch, CEO & Co-founder of Stone Brewing co.

Amazing beer for Europe

Are you familiar with Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale? You soon will be! The European headquarters of the first independent American craft beer company will open its doors in Berlin in 2015 to promote the noble art of brewing beer with character. We spoke to CEO Greg Koch who reveals his view on the German Reinheitsgebot.

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Corsini Biscotti Srl

Putting italian biscuits on the map

In the culinary world, Italy is perhaps best known for its delectable pasta dishes. However, Tuscany is home to a number of sweet treats including cantuccini, panettone, polendina and panforte. Corsini Biscotti S.r.l. produces these tasty goodies using traditional recipes spiced up with modern elements for a range of more than 140 specialties.

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Company of the Month

amplus AG

A plus for the internet

The world wide web has continued its ascent in popularity and is considered a must in all spheres of life. It allows businesses to attract custom and new ventures to source financing. Research calls on the input of thousands of online participants. More, accessible information calls for faster and stronger internet connections, and amplus AG is up to that challenge. Nothing less than the cutting edge is good enough for the tech company.