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ERDT Concepts GmbH & Co KG

Max-Planck-Straße 36A 68519 Viernheim Germany
+49 6204 929 88-10 +49 6204 929 88-29

ERDT Concepts GmbH & Co KG

Interview with Mathias Illius, head of business development, IT & operations

ERDT Concepts GmbH & Co KG

When and by whom was the company founded?

Mathias Illius: Erdt Concepts was set up as a subsidiary by the owner Carsten Erdt and Karsten Berner, authorized key account manager of Produkt Service Erdt GmbH. Karsten Berner is the managing director of Erdt Concepts GmbH & Co. KG.

What gap in the market did the company want to fill at that time?

Mathias Illius: The Erdt Group was looking for business diversification possibilities. Coming from the logistics sector, it was an obvious step to look for new business opportunities within the industry in order to use synergies. The growing e-commerce market was considered to be a promising option for diversification.

Was there a flagship product? Is there still one today and how has it changed over time?

Mathias Illius: Erdt Concepts is a service company. We consider ourselves to be a premium fulfillment company in terms of customer care and customer intimacy.

Has the product spectrum expanded since the company’s foundation, or has the core product been developed further?

Mathias Illius: Erdt Concept is constantly exploring and evaluating value-added services.

What products make up your core business?

Mathias Illius: B2C fulfillment for e-commerce.

What trade or distribution channels do you use? Who sells your products: dealers, representatives, agents, distributors?

Mathias Illius: Currently our sales & marketing strategy is based on digital marketing and digital branding. Our sales instruments are social media, an SEO optimized webpage and inbound sales activities.

What target groups (e.g. industries) do you address with your products, and what is your core target group? What percentage of the company’s turnover does it account for?

Mathias Illius: FMCG (Company/Single Brand online stores); mercantile concerns; cosmetics industry. Products: lifestyle products, dietary supplement products, pet food, household appliances/products, and cosmetic products

Are there national/international activities? In what regions/countries are you active? What plans for expansion are there?

Mathias Illius: Today Erdt Concepts is only based in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region in Germany. From there, we will expand in line with our customer needs.

What makes your company a success (recipe for success)? What are your strengths?

Mathias Illius: Customer intimacy.

Where do you see your company in the next three years? What wishes or visions do you connect with this? What goals do you have?

Mathias Illius: Erdt Concepts is establishing itself as the premium e-commerce B2C fulfillment provider. It is the preferred choice for small to medium-sized retail brands and enterprises.

Has the digital world changed the way your company communicates?

Mathias Illius: The requirement of meshing our business processes with the requirements of our customers, their processes and the final consumer is equally importance. But especially in the fulfillment business, where same-day delivery becomes a standard, fast and effective communications are a fundamental and crucial precondition for a reiterating shopping experience and for building end-customer loyalty. This means for Erdt Concept designing and implementing agile business processes, and responding to our customers’ needs in almost real time.

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