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Strada Casaloldo 38 46042 Castelgoffredo (MN) Italy
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Interview with Mauro Peri from Eurotir Srl


Thanks to our long experience in the transport field of groupage, Eurotir is nowadays able to offer on road transport to all the major European markets. Apart from the traditional destinations, mainly reached with on wheels deliveries, we provide also transport to and from eastern countries.

What services make up your core business?

Mauro Peri: Our main activity is group transport from Italy to the EEC markets.

What distinguishes your services from those of the competition? What are the unique selling points/special features or characteristics?

Mauro Peri: Our structure is highly flexible, allowing us to adjust our services to customers’ needs.

What problems do you solve for your customers?

Mauro Peri: Eurotir, thanks to its employees who speak foreign languages, solves problems for foreign customers, such as for example on-time bookings, documents anticipation and so on. It also offers services such as transport insurance, intrastat documentation, and custom clearance.

What target groups (e.g. industries) do you address with your services, and what is your core target group?

Mauro Peri: We work for all kinds of industries and for customers whose merchandise can be loaded on taut liners from one carton to several pallets and groupage.

Are there national/international activities? In what regions/countries are you active? What plans for expansion are there?

Mauro Peri: In terms of turnover, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland are now the largest markets for us. However, we invest in expanding our services to other markets such as Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and so on.

What makes your company a success (recipe for success)? What are your strengths?

Mauro Peri: Always taking into consideration each customer’s specifications and needs, we evolve with them.

What importance do regular customers and new customers have for you, and how do you achieve customer loyalty?

Mauro Peri: All customers are important. Competition is very tough, but the services we offer to our customers, from carefully listening to understand their requirements to following their despatches from departure to delivery are rewarded with their loyalty.

What major changes do you think will occur in your industry in the near future? How are you preparing for these changes? What changes will they entail for your company?

Mauro Peri: As a small company, we will surely be surrounded by larger and larger competitors. But we believe in distinguishing ourselves by offering particular attention every day to our customers who do not only need competitive prices but also help, information, and customer care.

How is the company structured today? How is the company organized?

Mauro Peri: Eurotir is a family business.

How many employees does your company have in total? How are they distributed among the departments/divisions?

Mauro Peri: 14 employees, including two in the international department, in the national department, one, two in the selling department, two in the accounting department, eight drivers and others profiles.

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