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Fabryka Opakowań Kosmetycznych POLLENA S.A.

77 Warszawska Street 08-450 Laskarzew Poland
+48 25 6845033 +48 25 6822825

Fabryka Opakowań Kosmetycznych POLLENA S.A.

Interview with Joanna Prazanowska, Marketing and Sales Director

Fabryka Opakowań Kosmetycznych POLLENA S.A.

What have been the greatest milestones until today?

Fabryka Opakowan Kosmetycznych Pollena S.A. has been operating since 1962. In the 1960s, ‘70s and the first half of ‘80s, Pollena was the biggest and major plastic packaging manufacturer for the cosmetics, household chemicals and food industries in Poland. In 2000 the private capital aquired the majority of shares, and a new stage of development started then. Since 2000 Pollena has grown by 300%. In 2008 the remaining 25% of the state-owned shares were aquired by the majority shareholder. In April 2011 Pollena established a daughter company in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in the Sverdlovsk region, Ural. The Russian company is fully controlled by Fabryka Opakowan Kosmetycznych Pollena S.A..

Is there a company slogan? What is it?

There is no specific company slogan; however, the message and intention is to provide the best and highest quality service, both technical and logistics, combining the wide production possibilities and complete individual packaging development.

What products make up your core business?

Cosmetic jars and closures.

What distinguishes your products from those of the competition? What are the unique selling points/special features or characteristics?

Pollena can offer a very wide range of packaging production possibilities while focused on customized packaging projects, being able to offer the designing of the packaging and tools, engineering, manufacturing, delivering in time and in full, and providing professional international customer service.

Can you characterize what your customers expect from your company and what your customers focus on (service, pricing, innovations, product quality)?

Pollena customers expect the best possible service, which means flexible production lead times, high quality of the products in line with market trends, competitive market prices enabling them to meet their internal economic targets, meeting market requirements, products manufactured according to the newest trends in engineering, and customer service permanent availability. The packaging is an integral part of the finished product supplied by our customer to the market. Therefore, communication with the supplier within the multi-discipline teams is also a must, as is supplementing the production service itself.

Are there national/international activities? In what regions/countries are you active? What plans for expansion are there?

Europe is the market where Pollena is most active; however, we also supply to other continents. There are expansion plans for both Polish and Russian locations.

Where do you see your company in the next three years? What wishes or visions do you connect with this? What goals do you have?

The next three years, Pollena is going to grow in Western Europe and Russia.

What have been the most important steps in your career?

In the years 1992-1997, I collected experience in the textile and knitting machinery industries. This job, in the private foreign trade office Alfa-Zeta in Lodz, Poland, enabled me to practice my professional competences in international trade. In the years 1997-2002, as marketing manager in the commercial company Hammer, dealing in medical equipment and materials in the hospital market, I gained sales and managing skills, being responsible for management of the team of sales representatives within Polish territory. The most important step in my career was joining Pollena in 2002 as its marketing and sales director and building Pollena’s market position, introducing the company to 30 new countries, increasing its exports from a few percent to over 60%, as well as creating a sales and marketing team, successful in international market.

What would you like to achieve?

We have big plans for expansion. I would like to be an active and major driving force that makes our plans come true.

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