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FAS Converting Machinery AB

Ynglingavägen 62 S 245 65 Hjärup Sweden
+46 411 69260 +46 411 12740

FAS Converting Machinery AB

Interview with Peter Håkansson, Sales Director

FAS Converting Machinery AB

FAS Converting Machinery AB has been a Swedish manufacturer since 1978, and we develop, design and assembly machines for converting plastic film into bags on roll. Our customers are within the flexible packaging industry, and the main products are a garbage bag on roll. Today FAS Converting has a broad product range covering everything from industrial winders, with or without perforator for pallet covers, agricultural film, sheeting to food and freezer and garbage bags, wave top and draw-tape.

What products make up your core business?

Peter Håkansson: We are machinery builders and make machines for bags on roll. 75% of our machines on the market are dedicated to the production of trash bags made of recycled material.

What trade or distribution channels do you use? Who sells your products: dealers, representatives, agents, distributors?

Peter Håkansson: The majority of our sales are made by us, but a good portion also by agents. We almost always sell directly to the end user.

What target groups (e.g. industries) do you address with your products, and what is your core target group? What percentage of the company’s turnover does it account for?

Peter Håkansson: We are looking for trash bag producers as well as companies within the industrial segment, producing construction film and pallet hoods, etc. It could be pure trash bag producers, but also a mix of various products. But again, the trash bag business represents about 75% of the business.

How do you reach your target group(s)?

Peter Håkansson: The main source for lead generating is the international plastic shows like Kunststoff, Düsseldorf; NPE, Orlando; and PlastEurasia, Istanbul. But we must admit that Internet and social media are generating more and more contacts.

Are there national/international activities? In what regions/countries are you active? What plans for expansion are there?

Peter Håkansson: By tradition, our biggest markets used to be North America and Western Europe, but for a few years, we have been moving east to countries like Russia, Poland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Simply due to market growth when the local needs increase.

What makes your company a success (recipe for success)? What are your strengths?

Peter Håkansson: Our simplicity in design of machines, very easy to operate, easy access for service and maintenance. The modular concept also makes it very easy to make various combinations for different applications. The machines are simple to use!

In your opinion, what was the biggest change in your industry in the last ten years? How did you react to it? How did you take advantage of it? How did it affect your company?

Peter Håkansson:

Has the digital world changed the way your company communicates?

Peter Håkansson: Yes, quite a lot. Our web page is used for interaction with leads, prospects and customers. We also use Internet connection for fault tracing and production assistance on a remote basis.

Do you strive for innovations, and if so, in what areas (products, technology, logistics, sales, marketing)?

Peter Håkansson: We always look forward for improvements. One focus is on the technology itself. The best plastic bag isn’t better than its seal! We are aware that the blown film industry is getting wider in terms of wider bubbles, higher line speeds, higher demands on quick setting times etc. We will follow this development by dedicated equipment to handle this.

Still our basic idea is alive, run the converting machines in-line with the extruder

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