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Huber Einkauf GmbH & Co. KG

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Huber Einkauf GmbH & Co. KG

Huber Einkauf GmbH & Co. KG

The purchasing professional

At the beginning it was just an idea: A joint purchasing system for companies in the dairy business. However, in the course of years, Huber Einkauf GmbH & Co. KG has turned into a specialised service provider focusing on joint purchasing for small to medium-sized companies in the food industry. Today, customers can entrust Huber Einkauf with all their purchasing worries and do so quite successfully for their own benefit.

“The Huber family has been active in the dairy market for many decades, and its dairy company Karwendel is still operating a family business,” points out Managing Director Knut Geiger. “About ten years ago, it embarked on a new purchasing concept.

Dr. Huber was driven by the idea of a cooperation between a number of dairy companies in order to realise the purchasing of commodities on a joint basis. He was convinced that this would result in considerable cost savings for manufacturers.”

Thus, in 2004/2005, Huber Einkauf AG was founded and started to operate in July 2005. The concept soon proved successful and was expanded to other food sectors.

“We employ purchasing specialists who on behalf of our customers approach potential suppliers and set up supply contracts on a long-term basis,” stresses Mr. Geiger. “We create synergies by bundling the purchasing activities of various companies from the same sector. However, we do not concentrate on the customers’ main raw materials – they are best in doing so themselves – but rather focus on purchasing commodities.”

Today, Huber Einkauf serves customers from various food segments, including dairy, confectionery, meat and sausage, as well as the baking industry, amongst others. “We concentrate on the small to medium-size segment, as large multinationals do not require any purchasing support,” adds Mr. Geiger.

Huber Einkauf selects potential suppliers which provide packaging, raw materials and machinery in line with a list of criteria focusing on delivery capacity, quality, delivery services and sustainability and finally sets up an Internet auction. Long-term contracts are signed with the selected suppliers.

The purchasing constellation offers a win-win situation for all parties involved. While the food manufacturer can be ensured of reliable suppliers, the supplier himself has been guaranteed a high supply volume and gains access to new potential customers.

In the coming years, Huber Einkauf, which employs a workforce of 18 people and generates a turnover of 125 million EUR, is determined to expand its product portfolio in the field of commodities.

“We have implemented packaging development as a new service recently. Our specialists analyse our customers’ packaging and optimise existing solutions if possible. Naturally, weight is an important factor, but other aspects prove equally important,” says Mr. Geiger. “We predict high potential in this new service offering.” Cost optimisation and synergies will remain key features of Huber Einkauf’s successful purchasing activities.

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