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amplus AG

A plus for the internet

The world wide web has continued its ascent in popularity and is considered a must in all spheres of life. It allows businesses to attract custom and new ventures to source financing. Research calls on the input of thousands of online participants. More, accessible information calls for faster and stronger internet connections, and amplus AG is up to that challenge. Nothing less than the cutting edge is good enough for the tech company.


Energy & Environmental Engineering

FVE CZECH NOVUM s.r.o. and Decci a.s.

FVE CZECH NOVUM s.r.o. and Decci a.s.

Decci a.s. builds and invests in renewable energy projects, mainly in solar projects. In the photovoltaic sector the company conducts its business activities under the registered trade mark of FVE CZECH. In the past, Decci a.s. has managed to successfully complete several solar projects of different generating capacities; projects with generating energy capacities of 0.5MW, 2MW, 6MW and 35MW. more...

EGA Sistemi

EGA Sistemi


HC Groep

Implementing sustainable and innovative climate control solutions

In recent years, companies operating in the climate control sector have been required to move towards designing sustainable solutions. Outdated climate control systems are often highly inefficient in terms of energy consumption and can become sources of pollution. To maintain its position at the forefront of this sector, HC Groep has focussed on delivering innovative and state-of-the-art solutions. more...

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