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Amelia Earhartlaan 17 9051 Gent Belgium
+32 9222 3280 +32 9385 6900

IT-Planet NV

Interview with Sam Baro, CEO of IT-Planet NV

IT-Planet NV

When and by whom was the company founded?


What have been the greatest milestones until today?

We have been nominated two times by “Trends Gazelle” in the category “fastest growing companies” (2012/2013), and we have continued to grow until now. Even in 2010, in the middle of the economic crisis, we grew in the number of employees and in turnover in comparison to 2008.

Is there a company slogan? What is it?

When opportunity knocks, the least thing you can do is open the door.

What products make up your core business?

We are a consultancy company that delivers ICT services to (mostly TOP 100) companies.

What distinguishes your products from those of the competition? What are the unique selling points/special features or characteristics?

We are one of the few IT organizations that are still an original Belgian product and on ‘our own’. We didn’t take over other companies or have been taken over ourselves. Due to our personal approach, our consultants feel at home at IT-Planet. They are not on their own when they want to discuss their career path. Our customers, on the other hand, know that we can always provide the best matching consultants at the best price due to our limited overhead.

What problems do you solve for your customers?

We solve IT capacity & sourcing problems: If our client needs one or more IT professionals for temporary upstaffing, we help them by providing the right IT professionals.

What are your USPs (unique selling points)?

What is your corporate structure? Are there other subsidiaries/branch offices?

The holding company Planet Group is specified into four different companies, specialized in operational human capital services & solutions:

How many employees does your company have in total? How are they distributed among the departments/divisions?

At the moment we count 135 people for the whole group.

How much turnover did your company generate in the last fiscal year? What turnover targets have you set for the current fiscal year?

2013: eight million EUR turnover, expectations 2014: twelve million EUR turnover

What role does environmental protection play in your corporate strategy?

We have several initiatives to support the environment like:

Do you have stated company guidelines? If so, what are they?

Our motto is that our consultants are our four core values: respect, optimism, involvement and preservation. Those are the key competences for our consultants to be good ambassadors of IT-Planet to our customers.

What do you think about current developments in your industry?

We certainly believe in mobile growth. People want to be online everywhere and every time. Therefore, mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones cannot be ignored. We are convinced that we need to invest in the education of our consultants so they can become experts in those technologies. We also believe in our social obligations to help children and young people to get in touch with those technologies. Therefore we support socio cultural IT initiatives such as FYXXI (a part of Educentrum Ghent) and Coderdojo in Flanders as well.

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