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Käthe Kruse GmbH

Augsburger Strasse 18 86609 Donauwörth Germany
+49 906 70678-0 +49 906 70678-70

Käthe Kruse GmbH

In February 2014, the company is going to exhibit at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany

Käthe Kruse GmbH

Dolls that write history

Around the globe, Käthe Kruse is a name that means dolls made with love. Bearing the moniker of its founder, the company, established in 1911, builds on a doll that was created as a Christmas present in 1905.

Since then, it has grown to have representations worldwide, from Australia and Japan to North America and the whole span of Europe. Production sites are located in Donauwörth, Germany, and Jelgava, Latvia. The Käthe Kruse quality seal on the dolls stands for trust, quality and safety. Part of Hape since February 2013, the two brands are integrating to create synergies instead of just toys.

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