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KDL Trans NV

Havendoklaan 19 1804 Vilvoorde (Cargovil) Belgium
+32 2 752 9277 +32 2 759 8027

KDL Trans NV

KDL Trans NV

Special transport for special systems

Due to increasing globalization, the logistics market is booming. Goods of all sorts are traversing the globe like never before. In particular, the industry has seen a rise in the need for special logistics in cases where the goods are exceptionally delicate or sensitive. An expert in that field is KDL Trans NV. The Belgium-based business specializes in logistics solutions for the IT sector.

“KDL Trans is an expert in IT logistics with added value and is the leading company in this segment on the Belgian market,” Managing Director Marc de Laet describes the firm. About 80% of KDL Trans’s customers are outside of Belgium – in 27 countries throughout Europe, as well as the US and the Far East.

“We can cite all the major computer manufacturers around the world, such as HP and Wincor-Nixdorf, among our customers,” Mr. De Laet says with pride. “We also serve banks and companies in other sectors, however.”

KDL Trans takes care of the entire logistics process for computers, copiers, printers, audio and video systems, conference systems, and other similar systems. “It is not merely a matter of transporting electronic office equipment,” the managing director explains. “It is also about adding value, including proper packaging, transport insurance and delivery directly to the customer’s office or computer room.”

After delivery, the KDL Trans team, who is specially trained for work in this segment, collects and disposes of the transport and packaging materials so that the customer only has to connect the equipment. “We have made a name for ourselves as a reliable logistics firm, so we do not need any classic marketing,” Mr. De Laet points out. “Customers seek us out.”

KDL Trans carved out a niche for itself early on, and its specialization has been a source of success for more than 20 years. “We have continued investing rather extensively in our own IT, as well,” the managing director emphasizes. “All movements of the goods and processes are registered automatically to guarantee monitoring and tracking at a later time.”

But Mr. De Laet sees the core of the company’s success as its relationships. He is also president and cofounder of the international network called Logpartners, an association to which only hand-picked logistics companies belong. Total reliability and well-trained employees complete the company’s picture.

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