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Gears on the go

Gears have a long history – probably as long as civilization itself. And yet today, the importance of gears in manufacturing industries is not declining, but growing. Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V., headquartered in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is one of the leading providers of gears for all kinds of different applications. more...

Unus International SpA

In the right gear

When talk is of motors, automakers are no longer talking about merely the motors that drive their engines. Gear motors run many of the systems that make today’s cars fun to drive, great to own and cemented in our lifestyles. Manufacturers who understand how important these systems are to an all-around automobile experience call on the expertise of Unus International SpA, a premier Italian manufacturer of gear motors and one of the driving technological visionaries in its field. From its home in Rivale di Pianiga, Italy, the company is reaching a global clientele. more...

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Company of the Month

amplus AG

A plus for the internet

The world wide web has continued its ascent in popularity and is considered a must in all spheres of life. It allows businesses to attract custom and new ventures to source financing. Research calls on the input of thousands of online participants. More, accessible information calls for faster and stronger internet connections, and amplus AG is up to that challenge. Nothing less than the cutting edge is good enough for the tech company.


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