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Jan E. S. Hjort, General Manager of LESNI A/S, has been working with clients to add purification systems at the end of their production lines


Breath of fresh air

Anyone can provide existing solutions. But when you are making something pure the challenge is in making something new every time. This challenge is met every day by Denmark-based LESNI A/S, a company providing sophisticated air purification systems that use variation of thermal oxidation to remove toxic gases from the air. With an in-house engineering team and its own maintenance division, LESNI brings turn-key solutions to its clients’ specifications – offering a breath of fresh air to its customers and to the world.

Founded in 1987, LESNI has been designing, supplying and installing air purification systems on a global scale, high-tech installations covering a wide spectrum of air volumes from 50 to 400,000 m3/h.

From the very beginning, it has balanced its core belief in contributing positively to the fight against climate change with its strong desire to serve its customers, meet local and international rules and stands, and emphasise safety and reliability.

“People understand that instead of cleaning up afterward, the better move is to not produce air pollution in the first place to avoid the need for purification later,” says Jan E. S. Hjort, General Manager for LESNI A/S.

LESNI employs 16 to 17 people and brings in revenues of seven million EUR annually based on sales of its turn-key systems, which are always created specifically for its customers’ needs.

LESNI takes a pragmatic approach to helping rid the world of dangerous gases – a global need – and is deeply involved in Denmark’s discussionson climate politics.

It holds a participatory role in the Danish Environmental Organisation and believes it has solutions that could user in global change in the climate debate.

“In the west we spend a lot of money improving air from better to best, from 99.9 to 99.99% pure,” LESNI targets its products and solutions to several industries, especially the medical and pharmaceutical industries, which comprise 70% of its clients. Roughly 30% is given over to heavy industry.

LESNI has special solutions for recycling – including systems that destroy refrigerators– biogas systems, and other industries with specific demands for air purification.

To meet this need, LESNI is in the business of purification before emission and is moving into other markets in other areas of the world.

“Ideally, purification happens at the end of the production line, not after the production line,” Mr. Hjort explains. We can all breathe easier knowing LESNI is on the job.

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