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LEUROCOM® electronic displays GmbH

Media Facade from Baden-Württemberg shines in Russia´s Metropolis Moscow

27/05/2014 -

LEUROCOM® electronic displays GmbH, the worldwide successful specialist for custom specific LED products installed a 2000 square meter big media façade with Mediastripe® technology in Moscow city. LEUROCOM® underlines its position as Europe`s leading media façade manufacturer winning this further large-scale order.

LED stripe systems by LEUROCOM® are, for example, suited to display any kind of information on large facades and offer different advantages because of the transparency: Looked at from the outside, the stripe system conserves the characteristics of the original façade. From the inside they allow unobstructed view as well as the usual incidence of daylight. As all systems from LEUROCOM® Mediastripe® technology can be adjusted and optimized to the project.

Innovative Combination of Design and Technique

Media facades make high demands on the durability of the material. LEUROCOM® specialised for more than 35 years on the development and production of high-class LED displays, uses for large outdoor and indoor display areas innovative, state-of the-art material compositions. For transparent media facades the specialist integrates LED technology into stripes, which are assembled to meet exactly the customers’ requirements.

Individual Designs with Mediastripe®

One of the latest innovations of LEUROCOM® is the development of Mediastripe®: LED-stripe systems which are available for either indoor or outdoor areas. A particular feature is the use of the SMD-LED technology for example with the all-inone RGB-SMD-LED as well as the combination RGB-White or with monochrome white SMD-LEDs.

LEUROCOM® offers with this innovation more flexibility for the configuration of single pixels as well as the possibility to reach brightness of up to 32.7 cd per pixel. Especially where transparency is needed offers Mediastripe® the exact see-through for example for the design of innovative media facades or exhibitions and events with flexible graphic-, video and art-installations forms.

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