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L-Line is one of the company’s latest developments.


Designing high-end space heating solutions

Energy efficiency is a key issue today. All industries have to adapt to new regulations and new customer demands. This is particularly true for the building sector. In several European countries, you are only allowed to build low energy or passive houses any more. MEINERTZ A/S from Skanderborg, Denmark, a well-experienced expert in heating systems, responds to changing needs and demands with innovative products and integrative solutions.

Today, core product lines of MEINERTZ are the floor convectors of MEINERTZ ProLine and Convec FloorLine.

MEINERTZ A/S bought all Convec products and the related rights from Danfoss in 2007, so today, MEINERTZ produces and delivers all products in its own brandname. At present, the company is working on new products which will not only be part of the interior but also of the overall construction.

“This means these products can be directly integrated into the building construction,” explains Managing Director Søren Clausen. “Instead of producing window frames made of aluminium, wood or steel, we are going to develop a frame which is part of the general heating concept. Products which can support the façade of a building will be another innovation.”

MEINERTZ is a household name among architects, planning companies and big building companies. Most of the direct clients are heating installers. Of course, Denmark is a key market accounting for around 40% of the total turnover. Sweden, Norway and Germany are also important markets.

“We are able to realize the ideas of architects and planners,” Mr. Clausen explains the company’s success. “We do not offer standard products but innovative and comprehensive solutions that give them competitive edge.”

The company was founded in 1939 by Charles Meinertz. Today, the company is run by the third family generation. Originally, the business was set up as a blacksmith’s shop.

In the 1960s, the focus shifted towards the production of heating devices. At the end of the 1990s, MEINERTZ developed its famous floor convector MEINERTZ ProLine, which is still a best seller. More than 35 years ago, MEINERTZ took its first steps abroad. In 2001, the first Export Manager was employed.

In order to become a one-source partner, MEINERTZ started to establish partnerships with leading producers such as Zehnder and Elginkan Group, Eleks, in 2012.

As a result, the company is able to supply every kind of building project. “We will continue to focus on our market niche,” says Mr. Clausen.

“This means that we will regularly bring out innovative products. In the coming years, we also aim to enhance our collaboration with our partners, especially in the field of product development. Geographically speaking we see great potential for us in the Benelux countries and in Great Britain. 2014 will see three new products, all of them building components.”

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