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Wildeshausen, 06-Jan-2015

D. Meyer Kühlanlagen GmbH

Keeping cool

The world is getting warmer and deadly summer heatwaves are becoming more frequent. As a result, demand for air conditioning systems is rising. Ideal conditions, then, for the industry to make a killing. However, there is a growing recognition that energy intensive cooling systems are only adding to the problem in the long run. For D. Meyer Kühlanlagen GmbH, success on the international stage has come thanks to its focus on alternative cooling technology that helps lower carbon emissions and cut down on fuel consumption.

For the past four years, D. Meyer Kühlanlagen has cooperated with the University of Bremen on an alternative cooling project that meets the twin challenges of climate change and rising energy costs head on. “Surplus energy from a block heating plant powered by biogas is used to cool turkey rearing sheds using absorption refrigeration technology,” explains Managing Director Jörg Meyer.

The technology is not new: vapour absorption technology was widely used in the early 20th century but was later abandoned in favour of more energy-efficient vapour compression systems. However, with the greater availability of surplus heat energy, absorption refrigeration has become attractive once again. “Our system is based exclusively on renewable energy sources,” says Mr. Meyer. “To produce around 200 kW of cold energy we only need 460 W of power to run the pumps.” In terms of energy efficiency, this is a performance ratio that is hard to beat and proves that there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to reducing carbon emissions: the technology is already here.

A natural solution to cooling

Another concern for D. Meyer Kühlanlagen is the avoidance of chemical coolants. “We only use natural coolants – primarily water – and avoid using chemicals that are harmful to the environment,” says Mr. Meyer. “This also helps keep running costs to a minimum and simplifies operation.”

“We only use natural coolants – primarily water – and avoid using chemicals that are harmful to the environment.”

Jörg Meyer, managing director

A project is currently at the planning stage to install an absorption refrigeration system in Namibia. A boiler fuelled with thorny plant material will be used to power a refrigeration system designed to serve up to 900 customers, including hotels, offices and private homes. This project will be the first foreign project for the company and its success could open the way for other, similar ventures.

“We have to convince people that our technology can deliver what it promises – cheap, efficient and environmentally friendly cool air,” explains Mr. Meyer. “We believe in our technology and are certain it has growth potential. The interest it is generating convinces us that we are moving in the right direction. The need for cooling solutions can only become greater in the future in private homes, the food industry and also in the technical area, for example in server rooms in order to keep computer equipment from overheating.”

“We have significant plans to grow in the future.”

Jörg Meyer, managing director

By embracing proven technology and combining it with the opportunities provided by new digital and wireless control systems, D. Meyer Kühlanlagen has developed a system with strong potential for the future.

Ambitious growth plans

D. Meyer Kühlanlagen has been active in this field since the early 1990s. The company was founded by the current managing director’s father, Dieter Meyer, in 1977 to develop refrigeration solutions for the catering sector. Air conditioning systems were added to the portfolio in the early 1990s and now comprise the main focus of the company’s activities.

“We have significant plans to grow in the future,” says Mr. Meyer. “We will move into new premises this year and hope to create between five and eight new jobs.” For a company that currently only employs ten people, this represents a significant expansion and reflects its belief in its alternative solutions. “Our involvement with the University of Bremen has generated a lot of positive publicity and we have won a number of new clients as a direct result of this project,” adds Mr. Meyer. His daughter Kathrin is already involved in the company, representing the third generation of the family and ensuring that continuity is assured. “We will continue to try and offer our customers alternatives that make both economic and environmental sense,” concludes Mr. Meyer.

D. Meyer Kühlanlagen GmbH
Moorweg 10
27793 Wildeshausen, Germany

Phone: +49 4431 2348
Fax: +49 4431 72916


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