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Nordic ID contracts Sarus Technology for ex-CIS markets

19/01/2015 -

We are happy to announce that Nordic ID has joined forces with Sarus Technology. The aim of the distribution agreement is to enhance the Nordic ID business operations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other former CIS countries.

Nordic ID has signed a distribution agreement with Sarus Technology, a part of Finnish Sarus Oy. The agreement targets to optimize the local Nordic ID product services and speeding up the product deliveries for the business area’s customers as Sarus Technology takes care of importing the Nordic ID products in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the former CIS countries. Sarus Oy has a long-time experience with Nordic ID – they have been providing the bridge between the company and the former CIS markets since 2008, but now the collaboration takes one step further as Sarus Technology takes care of importing and distributing the Nordic ID solutions.

Sarus Technology was formed by Taina Kalintiv, Pia Kähärä and Dmitry Artemiev, who are strong technology and marketing professionals and have been involved in marketing and delivering the Nordic ID solutions for several years. Together, Sarus Technology and Nordic ID see the market territory as a fast developing and growing market for RFID solutions. Nordic ID recognizes that partnering up with a dedicated international team will provide the best local support.

Outi Suoninen, Nordic ID Group Sales Director, is excited about the cooperation as Nordic ID is looking forward to further expand its presence in the growing markets in Russia and former CIS countries through a committed and capable partner. “We are happy to team up with a partner who is dedicated to grow the RFID business in selected applications in retail, logistics and manufacturing“, she states.

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