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Nordic ID Oy

Myllyojankatu 2 A 24100 Salo Finland
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Nordic ID Oy

Nordic ID Oy

Science fiction for the real world

We have all imagined ourselves as super spies dressed in slick suits and sunglasses saving the world with, or showing off, our gadgets. Technology also has more practical applications like safeguarding a business from lost revenues. As an RFID expert, Finland’s Nordic ID serves as a company’s first defence against misplaced inventory and missed sales by providing companies with item-level tracking systems.

Nordic ID RFID mobile computers and fixed readers capture and forward data for identification and tracking purposes using a wireless non-contact system.

Marketing Director Mirva Saarijärvi and Business Development Director Jessica Säilä promote the company’s technology and its most important tool, the RFID Arena, which is a part of the Nordic ID School of RFID, by participating in industry trade.

“Our biggest bar code markets are grocery chains such as Tengelmann and Carrefour; the biggest RFID market is apparel retail, including chains like Gerry Weber, S.Oliver, Charles Vögele and American Apparel. Nordic ID has equipped 70% of all European apparel RFID pilots and rollouts since 2006,” says Mirva Saarijärvi, Nordic ID marketing director. “The fashion and textile industry is our swiftestgrowing sector.”

The company, which provides wireless data capturing tools, employs 50 people and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, with a sales office in the Netherlands.

“Our annual turnover is twelve million EUR, 80% of which is generated through exporting our 100% made in Finland products,” says Business Development Director Jessica Säilä. Nordic ID keeps ahead of wireless trends to ensure that businesses stay on track and profitable.

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