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Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

Opening of new Premiere office in Vietnam

23/10/2014 -
Services rendered by Premiere Logistics (Vietnam) Ltd.

Air freight:

Sea freight:

In conjunction with the establishment for Premiere Vietnam, Premiere Group has a strong foothold in the South East Asia Region. Premiere Group has 4 offices in Southeast Asia, which are Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam aside from other offices all around the world. With the setting up of Premiere Offices in Southeast Asia now, Premiere Group has a chain of branches that is able to link all trades within these regions more strongly and with stability. The flow of traffic will be easier for all cross borders in the coming future to accommodate the demands from existing customers.

Trade relationship between Vietnam and Singapore

Relations between Singapore and Vietnam has been legally bind with the FTA, A FREE TRADE AGREEMENT to reduce or eliminate barriers to trade in and facilitate the cross border movement of goods and services between these 2 countries.

Singapore companies who export products not manufactured in Singapore to another ASEAN member state can still benefit from the FTA provided that the last place of substantial manufacture is in an FTA member state. The back-to-back CO will not contain details of the manufacturer.

Infrastructure in Vietnam

Vietnam’s transport infrastructure is expanding rapidly, there are concerns that infrastructure development will nevertheless not keep up with economic growth. With respect to road transport, Vietnam has an extensive national network but a relatively low percentage of roads are paved.

Sea transport is an important transport mode and a booming business for Vietnam. The main seaports for container transportation services are Cat Lai and Hai Phong in the north and Ho Chi Minh City.

Barging is a very competitive sector in Vietnam providing a cheap mode of transport for especially bulk goods. The three major freight handling airports are located at Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang Airports.

Infrastructure in Cambodia

Cambodia has two international main ports; the port of Sihanoukville and the port of Phnom Penh. While Cambodia is trying to attract international sea freight, its main port in Sihanoukville is not expected to become a significant hub in the region.

The current railway network consists of two lines between Phnom Penh an Poipet at the border with Thailand and from Phnom Penh to the port of Sihanoukville.

The two international airports at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap only provide flight service by passenger aircraft; there is hardly any service by cargo freighter.

An overview with all 3 countries: Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam

In contrast with Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore, we have successfully managed to establish a network chain within Southeast Asia. These 3 countries are able to be linked up for the booming freight industry that involve these countries.

We have regular shipments to be exported out from Cambodia that will be discharge at Vietnam port (POD) for a deferred vessel or airline. For some instances, there will be an air freight shipment via Singapore to other countries as well as Singapore is known as a transshipment HUB. With the strong alliance among these 3 countries, we are able to perform a triangle business in Southeast Asia without many obstacles.

In this aspect, we are able to fulfill all of our customers requirements in this region. We have been handling plenty of triangle business and it has indeed surpasses all the expectations. Thus, we are looking forward to a healthy and tremendous growth for this business in the future.

Premiere Logistics (Vietnam) Ltd.

Vincom Tower, Floor 12A
72 Le Thanh Ton Street
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City

Contact Person:
My Le, Customer Service Supervisor
Mail: my.le@hcm.premiere-logistics.com
Tel: +84-8-3528-5426
Cell: +84 902 911 846

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