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Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

Pelikaanweg 1 1118 DT Schiphol Netherlands
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Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

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Premiere Logistics headquarter in Shanghai

Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V.

A new way of world logistics

It is a long way from Schiphol to Shanghai. In times of globalization a company’s success might depend on the smooth and effective running of shipments over large distances. Transport between Asia and Europe has increased in recent years, and shipment between hubs such as Shanghai, Singapore or Hong Kong and Europe are a major challenge. Organizing and operating the on-time and safe transport of goods requires a professional and reliable shipping partner. Premiere Logistics, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a specialist shipment company which handles import and export services between Asia and Europe from its European office, Premiere Logistics Netherlands B.V. The company scores with personal customer care and individual solutions.

Premiere Logistics offers air import and export services for sea, air, sea/air and road freight. In addition to this, the company provides warehousing and logistics services. At present, air and sea export are the mainstay of the business. The company’s network spans branch offices located in 16 cities in China and another seven in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Netherlands and a new branch office in Gothenburg, Sweden, which has been officially in operation since April 2014.

Soon, the dynamic company will expand to Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. The team of Premiere Logistics is fully acquainted with all the rules and regulations concerning the international movement of cargo. Drawing on an extensive network of overseas business partners, the company is able to provide precise information on national or local requirements.

The company focuses on the shipping of computer and IT products and on luxury goods such as paintings, wines or fashion products. Premiere Logistics boasts an impressive list of references which includes several renowned names such as Asus.

“Around 20% of all goods we ship are Asus products,” says CEO and owner Alex Liu. “Asus ranks among the top five computer companies worldwide, and we are proud to have them as long-term partners. Also, we are the exclusive partner of Lee Shi Chi, an acknowledged Taiwanese artist. We move his paintings across the globe to all big museums.”

“We do not just offer forwarding services,” Mr. Liu explains the company’s success. “We provide solutions that enable our clients to save costs and to ship their goods faster and more safely. Of course, we offer tracking and tracing. Moreover, our staff monitors all shipments personally and sends delivery and arrival notices to each client. That way we show our customers that we are always available for them and that we really care about them. This is an important aspect, considering the whole forwarding process takes a while. This way, they can be sure that their goods are well looked after. We always try to set ourselves apart from the big shipping companies. We are like a ‘boutique’ in our industry, strong and economically sound.”

In fact, the company’s service portfolio leaves nothing to be desired. Premiere Logistics offers air freight, sea shipment, project shipments, inland freight, customs clearance, warehousing, stuffing, packaging and crating services. Also, the company specializes in handling high value commodities with sophisticated operation procedures.

Thanks to its global sourcing and supply chain management, the company offers innovative international logistics and forwarding services. All cargo is handled carefully and the company also provides cost control as well as client and partner coordination.

Premiere Logistics was set up by Mr. Liu in 2010 and has been experiencing growth ever since. Before, he had worked in a global company for over 20 years, and he felt it was high time to have his own business. Mr. Liu started the company with only two people.

Today, the shipping specialist has a staff of 250. In 2013, the company achieved a turnover of around 50 million USD. For 2014, Mr. Liu expects growth of about 20%.

This year Premiere Logistics was the proud winner of an Incremental Award from ECUAIR/HCL group. This award acknowledges companies’ contributions to the group based on two criteria: the number of contributions made and the efficiency, reliability and services rendered to the group. “With the achievements that we have had thus far, this award will definitely boost Premiere Logistics in the freight industry,” Mr. Liu says, noting that it is the second time that the company has won the award.

He is positive that he will be able to achieve his ambitious goals for Premiere Logistics in the coming years, as well. Network expansion is particularly high on his agenda. “I hope that we will be able to establish a dense network spanning Asia,” he says. “Step by step, we will also increase our investments in Europe and in the USA.”

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