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Revaho BV

Aartsdijkweg 22 2676 LE Maasdijk The Netherlands
+31 174 525444 +31 174 510180

Revaho BV

Revaho specialises in irrigation systems for greenhouse horticulture

Revaho BV

Making water work

“Making water work” – this is the slogan of Revaho BV from the Netherlands. The company takes its slogan seriously. Wherever the greenhouse industry is using water, you will find Revaho. Originally founded as an installation company for irrigation lines, the company now offers a huge portfolio of irrigation solutions for greenhouses. Today Revaho is a part of the Netafim group, with its own polyethylene production plant. Here PE tubing and pipes are produced in a wide variety of types, sizes and applications.

“Our portfolio and our product diversity are unique,” says Heidi Reinders, marketing and communications specialist at Revaho. “We draw on our own research and development department, which continuously works on improving our existing solutions and on new products and materials. In fact, our R&D ensures our product diversity. We cooperate closely with our customers to make sure that we know about their needs.”

The product spectrum of Revaho falls into nine major product groups. These are PE Pipes and Fittings, PVC Pipes and Fittings, Accessories, Valves, Landscape, Filtration, Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation and Galvanized Fittings.

“Our drippers and our sprinkler systems are our biggest sellers,” says Ms. Reinders. “Drippers are typical for irrigation directly at the base of the plant or crop. Our dripper systems can be individually adjusted to a strategy and whole drip measurement placement. The distance between the drip holes can be manufactured according to the customers’ needs, depending on the plant location, the plant type and lob type. They offer endless possibilities. For example, they can be built with extra tubing and preference on tubing diameter size.”

Among the sprinkler systems distributed by Revaho, the company’s Green Spin is very popular, sprinkling at 360° without interferences and coming with a ruler system. The latest asset in Revahos product range is the Arad water meter called Octave. This new product does not have any moving parts so that water can move through the system without damaging the parts. The Arad Octave water meter lasts longer than other systems and is more accurate thanks to water readings.

Another recent addition is a very diverse range of ball valves, which can be used to open or shut systems, ensuring the right product for the right price for every customer’s specific system. Available in plastic or metal, they can be incorporated in between PE and PVC constructions without difficulty. These new valves are extremely durable and perfectly handle the different elements.

Irrigation installers, the heating and infrastructure industry as well as farmers and the housing industry use systems developed and distributed by Revaho. Almost 60% of the company’s revenues come from export activities, mainly to the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France and Eastern Europe.

“Innovation and environment are the top issues on our future agenda,” says Ms. Reinders. “We will enhance our cooperation with installers and end-users in order to know even better about specific needs and demands. Industry-wise, we believe that there is still much potential for us in the greenhouse industry. We aim at organic growth geared to even greater product diversity. This is what distinguishes us from competitors now, and this will be our asset in the future, too.”

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