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Ruget Magyarország Kft

Raktárház u. 14. 8800 Nagykanizsa Hungary
+36 93 310102 +36 93 312705

Ruget Magyarország Kft

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Ruget Magyarország Kft

In the world of sheet metal forming

As a result of the increasing global competition and the prevailing economic crises, the contract production industry has been suffering from decreasing margins for many years now. Either they are able to follow the Ruget group, based in Nagykanizsa, Hungary is a specialist in sheet metal, mechanical welding and coating. So far, the company has been focusing on commission processing. Now, Company Manger Róbert Vizi aims to build up an own portfolio.

“We draw on special know-how in electrical control cabinets which are the mainstay of our business,” he says. “In addition to this, we offer telecommunications cabinets, energy conduct cabinets and a range of automotive components.” The program is completed by green energy products, such as components and parts for wind energy systems or solar collectors.

Ruget is a household name in its field and renowned players such as Schneider Electric rely on the company’s services. “For example, for Schneider Electric we deliver to five of their European facilities,” says Mr. Vizi. “Since 2006, we also work with Emerson, a customer through whom we generate the second biggest part of our turnover.

The problem with commission processing is that the price pressure keeps increasing at an incredible pace. This makes it difficult to invest in new machines or technologies. In the sheet metal sector, we have been able to develop very well in the last years. We are constantly implementing new technology and are very innovative.”

Ruget Magyarország was founded in 2003 by the owner of the Ruget group based in France. The company closely cooperated with Schneider Electric who wanted to oustource the sheet metal forming activities. Mr. Ruget bought the whole department and established a prodution in Hungary.

In 2008, the company achieved the highest turnover since its foundation but in the following two years the economic crisis hit Ruget Hungary hard with a 50% decrease. It took a while but now the company is back on track. 2012 was a good year and Mr.Vizi is positive about 2013, too. The budget is set already. Currently, Ruget Hungary has a staff of 150.

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In the next two years, Ruget aims to continue its innovation strategy with as little investments as possible. “For example, we are going to work on our ten-day delivery time,” says Mr. Vizi. “We are able to deliver some portfolios within only four days without reducing the storage capacities.”

In addition to this, Ruget is currently in the planning phase for a portfolio of own products. Therefore, the company is going to establish an in-house planning department. “We are going to integrate the Hungarian subsidiary of the Ruget group into the activities of the sister company,” explains Mr. Vizi. “We are going to concentrate on the Eastern markets in the EU.”

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