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Sanova Pharma GesmbH

Haidestrasse 4 1110 Vienna Austria
+43 1 801040 +43 1 8042904

Sanova Pharma GesmbH

Interview with Andreas Cmolik, managing director

Sanova Pharma GesmbH

What target groups (e.g. industries) do you address with your products, and what is your core target group? What percentage of the company’s turnover does it account for?

The target group it the healthcare industry. Sanova focuses on manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology and healthcare industries. The brand management division of Sanova provides valuable therapeutic, treatment and diagnostics options in the healthcare market with the aim of improving the quality of life of our fellow human beings. To reach this goal, we seek worldwide beneficial products from well-known manufacturers. We license-in and provide the products to the Austrian healthcare system. Sanova is the leading company in this field. The logistics 360° division is a logistics and distribution service provider specializing in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health care and medical technology. The wide range of services offered includes order acceptance, warehousing, cash collection, professional handling of narcotics, handling of medical samples and much more.

Are you represented at trade fairs, and if so, at which ones?

With our own booth, Sanova is present at Austropharm, the Austrian trade fair for pharmaceutical products. Additionally, our staff attends healthcare fairs around the globe.

How is the company structured today? How is the company organized?

The company is run by two managing directors. Wolfgang Wacek runs the brand anagement division, and Andreas Cmolik is responsible for the logistics 360° division. Sanova has a hierarchical organization but with a very limited number of hierarchical levels to keep it flat and efficient. Short communication lines secure the success of the company. Below the level of the managing directors, business unit heads are responsible for operationally running the operations. Overall, Sanova has four business units representing the fields of operations. Logistics 360° provides outsourcing solutions to the healthcare industry. The business unit Pharma focuses on products on prescription or medical recommendation. The business unit Consumer Health is focused on self-medication in pharmacies. The business unit Medical Systems focuses on laboratory and medicinal products, targeting the hospital business.

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