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Smålands Stålgjuteri AB

Förrådsgatan 7 575 36 Eksjö Sweden
+46 381 663250 +46 381 10435

Smålands Stålgjuteri AB

The product range includes steel and alloyed iron castings in the weight range from 0.1 to 500 kg

Smålands Stålgjuteri AB

Digital castings

The casting industry seems to be one of the last sectors where the digital age has not begun yet. Taking a closer look, however, this is not true. Smålands Stålgjuteri AB, a family-run Swedish manufacturer of steel and iron castings, is working with digital part materialization to make the moulds for its products by advanced 3D printing – and is thus saving time and money as no mould inventory is needed anymore.

Located in Eksjö in the Swedish region of Småland, Smålands Stålgjuteri (Småland Steel Foundry) is specialized in steel and alloyed iron castings in the weight range from 0.1 to 500 kg. The family-owned company was founded in 1967 and today is run by three brothers: Per, Leif and Sven Ytterell. It employs a total of 30 people and has annual revenues of 4.4 million EUR. The export share is between 8 and 12%, with the main international markets being Poland, Germany and the Nordic countries.

Smålands Stålgjuteri works with three major material groups: tempered and stainless steel, white cast iron, and a number of special alloys. “The choice of material depends on the specific application and its individual requirements, such as weldability or joinability, durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and abrasion resistance,” states CEO Per Ytterell.

The Swedish company uses two different moulding methods: shell moulding and hand moulding. “Shell moulding is used for medium to large series, especially where you have high expectations of the surface quality and tight margins,” explains Mr. Ytterell. “Hand forming is more suitable for smaller series.”

Smålands Stålgjuteri supplies a wide range of industrial sectors: pump manufacturers, the oil and gas industry, the forest harvesting equipment sector, the heating industry and producers of train components. “Our core business is impellers in pumps of different kinds and sizes for different applications,” says Mr. Ytterell. “Pumps are used in a broad array of areas, from private swimming pools to coal mines, and with different types of fluids. We provide the right solution for every task, in close cooperation with our customers.”

Smålands Stålgjuteri has recently started working together with ExOne, a leading provider of digital parts materialization solutions. “Digital part materialization is also known as three-dimensional printing and materializes a mould for an object layer by layer out of powdered material, a chemical binder and a digital file,” Mr. Ytterell describes the revolutionary process which saves the company time and money as inventory is no longer needed.

In addition to pushing ahead with 3D printing, Smålands Stålgjuteri is focused on further enhancing penetration in existing markets to grow its business.

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