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ZA de Berret 30200 Bagnols-sur-Cèze France
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Safety combined with comfort and ergonomics: ventilated suit and hood by SPC


Well dressed for risky jobs

As a partner of professionals working in environments as demanding as nuclear plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, or biological research labs, SPERIAN PROTECTION CLOTHING (SPC) provides tailor-made solutions to suit the job. Designed in close cooperation with the customers, protection clothing by SPC combines safety with ultimate comfort and ergonomics.

SPERIAN PROTECTION CLOTHING was established in 1957 when the French nuclear industry was still in its infancy. The headquarters in Bagnols sur Cèze are located close to Areva, a global leader in nuclear technology. Serving prestigious key accounts like Areva and EDF, another French electricity giant, SPC generated about 90% of its 13 million EUR annual turnover in 2008 in this industry and is one of its most experienced suppliers of protection clothing.

The company manufactures about 80,000 ventilated suits and 50,000 ventilated hoods per year. Its products are appreciated by customers around the globe because they guarantee head-to-toe protection for operators while allowing them to move about freely with minimal thermal stress. “A comfortable and ergonomic suit helps speed up the job, which also means operators are exposed to radiation for a shorter time,” explains Olivier Gougeon, sales director.

The French experts also design clothing that shields people from highly active compounds in pharmaceutical industries, from dangerous viruses in Biosafety level-four labs, or from other contaminants in emergency service use. The product range includes disposable and reusable items, standard and customised solutions, plus a wide choice of accessories, such as gloves, shoes, decontamination sheaths and breathable air supplies.

“Much of our work is customised,” says Mr. Gougeon. “Our engineers listen to the customers’ specific needs and design tailormade solutions. Backed by our decades of experience, they are able of provide competent advice in all phases of a project.”

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