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Triangelbolaget D4 AB

Stora Varvsgatan 6 A 21119 Malmö Sweden
+46 706 640419

Triangelbolaget D4 AB

Triangelbolaget D4 AB

A powerful fibre network

When it comes to quick connections, optical fibres provide a reliable and highly efficient way of transfer. Needless to say, that suitable fibre infrastructures are indispensable. A company from Sweden specializes in this field of operation. Triangelbolaget D4 AB from Malmö offers an optical fibre ring between the three Swedish cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and has recently expanded its business to neighbouring countries.

Triangelbolaget, Swedish for “triangle company”, was founded in 2000. “At that time, there was a lack of new opportunities in Sweden’s energy sector,” explains Anders Nyman, managing director of Triangelbolaget and with the company since 2009.

“Therefore, Vattenfall and other power grid companies decided to set up a fibre network, and many companies became interested. The fibre network was installed on top of already existing power line infrastructures.”

Over the years, cooperating enterprises collaborated and combined power lines in order to form a more extensive infrastructure. “When I joined Triangelbolaget in 2009, the use of broadband networks started to increase,” states the managing director. “For this reason, in 2010, we decided to set up a nationwide cooperation.

We developed ‘Easy Fibre’ and until today have a full coverage of Sweden. An additional Danish partner, GlobalConnect, provides two connections to Hamburg in Germany.” Based on so-called IRU contracts, meaning an indefeasible right of use and a long-term lease of bandwidth, Triangelbolaget offers its fibre infrastructures to both large and small network operators. “We are in for the long term,” says Mr. Nyman.

“Our core business is the Swedish energy grid. Due to the fact that we and our parent companies Vattenfall, Svenska Kraftnät, Fortum and Tele2 make use of these existing networks in order to communicate between own premises as well, our clients can be assured to find long-lasting infrastructures.”

Apart from Mr. Nyman, two part-time consultants guarantee smooth business operations. “Additionally, we have contracts with our four owners,” explains the managing director. “They provide maintenance, sales and marketing operations.”

Regarding Triangelbolaget’s means of marketing, the company makes use of newsletters and informal after-work seminars. “This year, we sponsored an event with 130 participants,” states Mr. Nyman. “After two hours of presentations, new contacts can be made.” In the future, the progressive enterprise strives to increase its three million EUR-turnover.

“In the long term, we expect a growth of revenues by 0.1 million EUR per annum,” summarizes the managing director. “With our unique approach to make use of already existing overground power lines, we will generate additional customers and new contracts.”

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