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Verzinkerij Lenssen NV

Henry Fordlaan 29 3600 Genk Belgium
+32 89 613420 +32 89 613422

Verzinkerij Lenssen NV

Georges and Paul Lenssen - two successful and committed entrepreneurs

Verzinkerij Lenssen NV

Quality pays off

It is strong, versatile and economic. No wonder, that steel is one of the most commonly used materials. However, steel needs to be protected from corrosion and other negative impacts. Verzinkerij Lenssen NV from Genk is a well-known specialist for the galvanization of steel and highly demanded by many loyal customers.

Verzinkerij Lenssen has been known for many years for its high quality products, reliability and an ecofriendly philosophy. Today, Georges and Paul Lenssen are the company’s main shareholders. “We were both working in the family business but always had the idea to run our own company,” explains co-owner and founder Georges Lenssen. “We looked for financiers and in 1988 started the business.”

Verzinkerij Lenssen began with a small galvanization bath which was 9,8 m long, 1.6 m wide and 3.5 m deep. It was the right size to galvanize elements for greenhouses which then measured 6.4 to 6.9 m. “We knew the market very well and already had a lot of contacts,” says Mr. Lenssen. “At that time, we supplied 70% of the greenhouse market in the Netherlands.” As time went on, the market requirements changed, elements got longer, up to 12.8 m.

Verzinkerij Lenssen adapted to the changing demands and built a bigger galvanization bath in 1996 measuring 13.3 m in length, 1.8 m in width and 3.6 m in depth, which is still one of the deepest in Europe. Today, the company has 50 employees and an annual turnover of 6.5 million EUR. “We had many good years especially from 2007 to 2009,” states Mr. Lenssen. “Although sales have increased nowadays, we are still profitable. We had not a single year without profit in all that time.”

Verzinkerij Lenssen’s galvanization competence is highly demanded. Greenhouses, dog cages, fencing and sprinkler pipes are typical applications. Furthermore, the construction industry is among the customers. “We provide a zinc coating of 70 micron protecting materials for 50 years,” stresses Mr. Lenssen. “Nowadays, there is power coating on top of the layer of zinc. 20 years ago, only few had heard from it but over the last 15 years, it has been a booming business. Galvanizing is a thermal bath of 450 degrees. When you add a powder coating you need to clean the zinc surface after the galvanization because the coating accentuates any rough parts on the surface. The chemical reaction between steel and zinc provides a very strong adhesive effect which is a big advantage of galvanization compared to other coatings.”

Verzinkerij Lenssen has consistently grown with new market challenges. It was one of the first companies meeting the German air pollution control regulation titled TA Luft. “We use the heat we produce as much as possible,” explains Mr. Lenssen. “We strictly aim to prevent a loss of energy but reuse waste.”

50% of the company’s products are exported, mainly to the Netherlands and Germany. “Our clients export all over the world,” underlines Mr. Lenssen. “They appreciate that we only use the highest quality of zinc. We are not always the cheapest but the best. And not having problems with our products is less expensive at the end. This is why we can bank on a loyal stable customer base.”

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