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Waberer’s International Zrt.

Nagykörösi út 351 1239 Budapest Hungary
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Waberer’s International Zrt.

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CEO Ferenc Lajkó stresses that Waberer’s Group develops more dynamically than any other competitor in the market

Waberer’s International Zrt.

The Hungarian road transportation company is unstoppable across Europe

Looking at the transport market in Hungary today, one name stands out like a radiating beacon that has defined transportation and logistics standards in the former Communist country. During the 1990s, at a time when the transport business was in a transition stage, the entrepreneur György Wáberer grasped the chance to make his dream of a leading international transport and logistics company come true. Today, his group of companies, including Waberer’s International Zrt., has made it to the absolute top in the market and has earned a reputation as the leading logistics service provider in Hungary and in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the group’s large fleet of trucks is at home on all major European roads, both in Western and Eastern Europe.

The figures which Waberer’s has to offer for describing its complex business activities are impressive. Waberer’s International Pte. Co. is part of a group of 14 domestic and international companies which boast a workforce of more than 4,000 people and a turnover that reached new heights last year, when Waberer’s was able to generate a total of 373 million EUR.

“We had a very successful year 2011 with revenues rising by 15%. By this year, we aim to further increase our efficiency in all respects, and we target a turnover of 391 million EUR,” points out Deputy CEO Ferenc Lajkó. “By restructuring our entire organisation and all processes involved, we are confident to reach this ambitious objective.”

As the leading Hungarian transport specialist, Waberer’s operates the largest wholly owned truck fleet with 2,500 own trucks plus another 450 trucks from exclusive subcontractors.

“With this really enormous fleet of trucks, we have become a decisive player in transportation and related freight services in Central and Eastern Europe,” points out Mr. Lajkó. “We have grown dynamically over the last decades, and the large number of trucks reflects our corporate upsurge. Since the year of our foundation the number of trucks has increased twenty-fold, and as a direct consequence of this growth scenario, we have been able to increase our turnover a hundred-fold.”

Mr. Lajkó highlights the company’s development with additional figures that do not fail to impress: The company’s vehicles travel about 330 million km each year, which equals twice the distance between sun and earth. It succeeds 250,000 loadings and uses 100 million of gasoline each year. During loading, unloading and warehousing, some 1.8 million pallets are moved.

“About 90% of our services are related to full truck load transportation on a pan-European basis, transport accounts for 75%, and forwarding is another 25% of our activities,” adds Mr. Lajkó.

Generally speaking, Waberer’s Group provides the full range of supply chain management services, with a main focus on international road transportation and additionally, forwarding, road freight forwarding as well as oversize and overweight project cargo forwarding. Likewise, the group provides less-than-truckload transportation, warehousing, distribution and freight management, plus customs clearance, and air and seafreight forwarding.

“Less than 50% of transport orders we fulfil are related to Hungary, and the trend shows that the percentage share of orders between the old EU countries is growing steadily. The traffic is considerably large between Great Britain and France and also between Germany and France,” highlights Mr. Lajkó.

Waberer’s specially targets the segments FMCG, electronics and automotive, which all account for approximately one third of the turnover. “We are partner to many prestigious names in industry, including Electrolux, Samsung, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, General Motors, SCA Packaging and Samsonite. They have been relying on our services for many years and know they can expect impeccable transport solutions,” points out Mr. Lajkó. “It is of great importance to us to know we have direct communication with our partners. That is why our key accounts and sales managers visit them throughout Europe on a regular basis. We truly believe in an active conversation, not only with our existing clients, but equally with the potential ones.”

Waberer’s has come a long way in its history. It is hard to believe that the group of companies as it represents itself today had its roots in the two leading socialist transport companies Hungarocamion and Volán Tefu.

“Our founder György Wáberer was well aware of the past of these two former state transport companies which he set out to privatise in 1994. He worked hard to modernise the newly founded Waberer’s,” stresses Mr. Lajkó. “Mr. Wáberer’s efforts paid off, and the company was awarded Company of the Year in a fierce market.”

Today, Waberer’s is a flagship of international road transport and is one of the top six leading transportation companies in terms of number of trucks in Europe. It develops much more dynamically than any other market player in this sector in Europe.

“With regard to international competition in the transport business, we are convinced of the high quality of our services that fully meet all European standards. It is our objective to become one of the top three leading transportation companies in terms of truck numbers in Europe by 2017,” states Mr. Lajkó.

“We are still developing dynamically and are growing with our partners and clients. By 2017, we not only want to rank among the top three transportation service providers, but likewise, we want to double the turnover to 600 Million Euro,” says Mr. Lajkó.

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